Why Flex?

Are you tired of being short of cash?
hoarding quarters to do laundry?
pinching pennies for a late-morning latte?

Flex Instead of Cash

Use Flex instead of cash whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, an associate professor or a staff member.

Flex is a declining balance account that can be used in place of cash all around campus.

Where to use Flex

With your Flex account you can enjoy campus-wide cashless purchasing power at all dining locations, the University Bookstore, the Perkins Student Center, the Trabant University Center, campus box offices, the student health center, and UD Kiosk, just to name a few places.

Safe and Secure

With your University ID card in hand, you can leave the cash at home. Flex is safer than cash and if you lose your card, your account can be suspended with a simple phone call. Read more about Flex security ...


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