Request a µLink

A µLink (micro link) is a simple, short URL that serves as an alias to a longer, more complicated URL. If you are familiar with the "TinyURL" service available on the Internet at large, then you already know what a µLink is! A µLink can be very useful to communicate a complicated URL to others (whether in a paper publication, an email message, etc.).

As a student, faculty, or staff member of the University of Delaware, you can create a µLink using the form below. If successful, your µLink will immediately be shown on this web page. For example, a µLink URL will look like http://www.udel.edu/0023.

A µLink remains valid for five years from the day it was created. If you require the µLink to live past that point, submit a Help Ticket Request — you will need to at least provide your µLink URL.

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