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The University of Delaware licenses a limited number of  copies of SPSS for microcomputers. The primary modules consist of the SPSS/Base, Regression Models (formerly Professional Statistics), and Advanced Models (formerly Advanced Statistics). Other modules may be available in very limited quantities for an additional fee. The last version of SPSS released for other platforms is version 6.1.

This document describes the procedures for obtaining a copy, the conditions of use, and the installation procedure for microcomputers owned by faculty, full-time staff or the University. Installation requires special license codes which expire annually. Initial and annual renewal license codes will be sent to registered faculty and staff who use the on-line registration forms below.

How much will the software cost me?

The charge for each license is approximately $25/year/computer. This covers three modules: SPSS/Base, Regression Models, and Advanced Models. (Students wanting a copy for their own microcomputers should purchase the SPSS Graduate Pack. The cost is approximately $200 for the three modules. It is available from JourneyEd.

What documentation is available?

The SPSS software comes with extensive on-line help, including a short tutorial. You can also view short descriptions of SPSS printed manuals and order the manuals directly from the SPSS Bookstore. Be sure to order the correct version for your system. The SPSS Guide to Data Analysis is a well-written introductory statistical companion to the SPSS User's Guides.

What if I want additional components?

Contact RDMS, IT - User Services if you want to purchase other SPSS components, such as Tables, Trends, etc..  We will try to combine several users' orders to obtain quantity discounts.

Who may obtain the software for installation?

Where may the software be installed?

The software may be installed on any University of Delaware-owned system controlled by the person who has signed the contract agreement. It may also be installed on a University of Delaware faculty or staff member's personal system on-campus or off-campus.  It may not be installed elsewhere.

How do I obtain the software?

Send your request to rdms-info@udel.edu.

How can I obtain assistance?

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