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Documentation for older releases of Exceed is available for:       Exceed 8.0       Exceed 7.1       Exceed 7.0       Exceed 6.2

Documentation for old releases is maintained for reference purposes only, and is not kept up-to-date.

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This page links you to documents that describe how to obtain, install, customize and use Hummingbird Communication, Ltd.'s Exceed software at the University of Delaware. Exceed is a software package that allows you to use X-based graphical applications (usually running on a remote server, such as the University's composer machines) from a Microsoft Windows PC.

  • The current version of Exceed is version 10, but version 9 is currently in distribution for faculty and staff. To obtain a copy of Exceed, follow the appropriate instructions below:
  • If you've already obtained the CD (or downloaded the software), follow the installation instructions to install the software.
  • Exceed requires some initial configuration in order to tailor it to your specific uses and preferences. If you are not familiar with Exceed's settings, you'll probably want to follow the instructions for configuring Exceed, which detail the settings recommended by IT staff for use at UD. These are only recommended settings, and may or may not be suitable for your particular uses.
  • After installing and configuring Exceed, we recommend that you customize your UNIX account on the University's central UNIX systems (Copland, Strauss, Mahler).
  • A final document, How to Use Exceed, gives some basic information and tips on using Exceed.
*NEW* As an alternative to Exceed, the free software package Cygwin, which includes an X11 implementation, can be downloaded free of charge and reproduces most (if not all) of the features that the average Exceed user will need. No official support is provided for Cygwin by User Services but it may prove to be an acceptable alternative, especially for students who do not wish to pay for a yearly Exceed license. If you are interested in trying Cygwin/X out, refer to these installation instructions.

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