Mixture or Solution?
ACTIVITY 1: Analyze the Junkyard Junk!

Follow this link to get to the FOSS Mixtures & Solutions site. Then choose Junkyard Analysis from the left side. After the new window loads, click on the bulldozer to pick up an item. Then move the item from the bulldozer to the analyzer. On your worksheet, record what the item is and what it contains. Click "dunk" and decide if this a mixture or a solution. When you have the analyzer reports back, put a check on the chart to indicate the correct answer.

ACTIVITY 2: Definition of Mixtures and Solutions.

On your answer sheet, explain the difference between a mixture and a solution. If you need help with some of the words, you can use these Definitions for Mixtures and Solutions

ACTIVITY 3: Analyze the Junkyard Junk again.

If you have time, try playing the Junkyard Analysis game again. What evidence can you see (besides the writing) that tells if you've made a solution or a mixture?


Answer sheet available in PDF format.

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