ACTIVITY 1: Discovery Channel's Roller Coaster Builder

Go to the Discovery Channel's Roller Coaster Builder. Build a roller coaster that will make the Fear-o-Meter really rise. Describe what makes a scary coaster.

ACTIVITY 2: Looking at Roller Coaster differences

Now use the Funderstanding Roller Coaster. Adjust the hills and loops to build a coaster that works. What did you have to do to make sure the car stayed on the track and got to the end of the ride? Record your answer on your worksheet.

ACTIVITY 3: Changing friction and gravity.

Use the Funderstanding Roller Coaster again. This time put friction all the way to the maximum. Now what do you have to do to make the coaster work?

Now put friction back to the middle and gravity in the middle. What changes do you have to to make to the coaster to make it work?

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