How do students use Serf?
In one word: easily.  From the first day Serf went online, students have taken to it naturally.  That's because Serf was designed to be intuitive and self-helping.  For example, if the student logs on before the course begins, Serf displays the course preamble.  Notice the communication options at the top of the screen: 
At the bottom of every student screen, the following control panel appears, providing a broad array of additional options.  These include a personal calendar, on which the student can set alarms to provide advanced notice of upcoming events. 


At any time, the student can ask to see a detailed index of the course.  Here's an excerpt from the Internet Literacy syllabus; the camera icons indicate movies that are linked to the syllabus as multimedia learning resources: 
You may now find out how Serf got started, or return to the Serf home page for other options. 
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