How did Serf get started?

At the invitation of Dr. Jack Chambers, Serf's author Fred Hofstetter was invited to moderate a PBS satellite videoconference in April of 1997 on the topic of World Wide Web Learning Models.  At this event, Jack's associate Kathy Clower, who produced the videoconference, introduced Fred to Dr. Will Philipp, who directs the Adult Learning Service at PBS.  The videoconference set an all-time record attendance for PBS. Afterwards, Will and Fred began discussing how best to go about offering courses via the Web.  Fred suggested that PBS might want to consider a Web-based offering of his newly completed course and textbook, Internet Literacy.  Will and Fred spent quite some time brainstorming how such a course could be delivered via the Web, and the answer was Serf. 

You may now find out what PBS is doing with Serf, or return to the Serf home page for other options. 

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