How can I get a Serf demonstration?

There are some demonstration logons on the Serf server that you can use to take Serf for a test drive for a limited time period.  The person in charge of loaning these demonstration logons is Denise Methven of the Instructional Technology Center at the University of Delaware. To request a demonstration logon, you can send her an e-mail message.  In your message, provide your full name, institution, and mailing address, and state briefly why you want to have a demonstration of Serf.  Then we will e-mail you a ticket that you can use to get into Serf. After you cash in this ticket, you will be able to take Serf for a test drive. After a few days, your demonstration logon will expire.  If you need to have it activated again later on for another demo, you can send another message requesting that. 

You may now find out how to order a copy of Serf, or return to the Serf home page for other options. 

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