What's it like to create a Serf course?
You create a course with a Web-based syllabus editor that comes as part of Serf.  The editor lets you insert, edit, move, or delete events on the syllabus.  Because courses can contain many events, there's an index that lets the instructor locate a specific event quickly.  Although Serf courses are delivered over the Web, the instructor does not need to know anything about HTML in order to create a syllabus.  All of the HTML is generated automatically by Serf.  Instructors who do know HTML, however, can further customize their Serf screens by using HTML.  Here's an example of a course syllabus being edited by a Serf instructor: 
Here's the form that the instructor uses to insert or edit an event on the syllabus: 


Here's the menu of the different kinds of events that can be on a syllabus: 
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