Welcome to the Serf home page!  Serf is a Web-based distance education environment developed at the University of Delaware by Professor Fred T. Hofstetter.  As you can see in the picture at the top of this page, Serf is an acronym that stands for server-side educational records facilitator.  Itís your servant on the Internet; hence the name Serf. 

Serf provides an environment for delivering courses anywhere in the world, using the World Wide Web as a distance education medium.  Serf makes it possible to create and deliver courses in a self-paced multimedia learning environment that enables students to navigate a syllabus, access instructional resources, communicate, and submit assignments over the Web in unique and powerful ways.  Instructors can easily access and grade the assignments via the Serf gradebook.  At any time, students can click a button to see a report of their progress in a course, along with comments from ther instructor and a prediction of their final grade. To learn more about Serf, click one of these: 

Serf® is a registered trademark of the University of Delaware