Secure UD

Secure UD News: March 2017

Secure UD is the University of Delaware's comprehensive, community-oriented information security initiative. Raising awareness of cyber issues equips and empowers the University community to make informed, security-conscious decisions in their personal and work lives.


Start your 2017 Secure UD Training

Phase I of 2017 Secure UD Training is now available and will run until late September. 2017 Secure UD Training contains new information on current cyberthreats and is distinct from the previous 2016 Secure UD Training. Secure UD Training is refreshed annually, and you are strongly encouraged to complete new phases of training as they become available.

Secure UD Training is a modular, online, self-paced program that provides you with the knowledge and skills to address cybersecurity risks both at work and at home. Modules are easy to complete; they use short training videos to deliver information in manageable chunks.

Employees are encouraged to begin with "You Are The Shield." This introductory module emphasizes your role as the first line of defense against cyberattacks. Your efforts are critical in protecting your personal information and the University information in your care.

Departments and supervisors can request Secure UD Training completion reports by emailing a request to

Phase II of 2017 Secure UD Training will be released in the fall.

Take action! Start Phase I of your 2017 Secure UD Training.


Follow Secure UD Threat Alerts

The Secure UD Threat Alerts blog provides bulletins about cyber threats seen on campus, including phishing scams targeting the University community.

Recently, the blog highlighted two phishing emails reported by our community and a phishing attack that targeted student groups at other universities. The blog also features general information about security topics like ransomware and vishing scams.

Secure UD Threat Alerts is an excellent resource on new threats facing the University community. Learning about cyberthreats is the one of the first steps in protecting yourself from them.

Watch UDaily for more information about a new enhancement to Secure UD Training and Secure UD Threat Alerts that will help you identify and report cyber threats.

Take action! Stay informed by checking Secure UD Threat Alerts regularly and watching for new information about upcoming phishing awareness and reporting efforts.


Get 25% off CrashPlan Home

Anyone with a UDel email address can receive a 25% discount on CrashPlan Home. CrashPlan backs up your files to the cloud so that they can be recovered and restored to you even if your machine has been lost or compromised.

As described in the Secure UD Threat Alerts blog, file backups are the best defense against ransomware. With CrashPlan Home, you can ensure that your files are safe.

Take action! Sign up for CrashPlan Home with your UDel email address to protect your personal files.


Watch out for tax scams

It's still tax season, which means that it's still tax scam season. Be aware of common scams like fraudulent tax returns, fake "IRS agent" phone calls and emails, and W2 spear phishing.

To avoid being the victim of a tax scam, file your taxes as early as possible and be wary of any communication requesting your personal information. Also remember that the IRS will contact you by letter if there is a problem with your return; a threatening call or email that claims to be from the IRS is likely a scam.

Take action! Complete the Federal Tax Information module of your 2017 Secure UD Training.


2FA adopted by full-time UD faculty and staff

On Feb. 13, 2017, two-factor authentication (2FA) was adopted by most full-time employees and faculty members. Payroll and HR forms that involve confidential information were protected by 2FA beginning Feb. 22. Currently, over 21,700 members of the University community are using 2FA.

A quick and easy measure, 2FA adds an extra layer of security to your UD account and the information in your care. For more information, read this UDaily article or review this IT help file.

You are strongly encouraged to enable 2FA or other login verification features for your personal accounts—such as bank, credit cards, and retirement accounts—to protect your personal information and finances.

Take action! Sign up for 2FA at My UD Settings.