Council for Data Governance (CDG)

Council for Data Governance (CDG)

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The Council for Data Governance (CDG) is the University council responsible for overseeing the appointment and action of data trustees for each of the University's functional areas. A preliminary list of functional areas and data trustees is provided in the data trustee directory.

The CDG includes:

Responsibilities according to policy

The CDG's primary data governance responsibilities include:

University Data Management and Governance Policy

  1. Monitoring and managing this policy and the University's data governance framework.
  2. Identifying the University's functional areas and their data trustees.
  3. Ensuring that data trustees fulfill their data management responsibilities according to policy.
    1. Ensuring that data trustees remain accountable for, engaged in, and committed to data quality, effectiveness, strategy, and security.
  4. Resolving disputes of responsibility where data overlaps the functional areas of multiple data trustees.
  5. Overseeing the formation and operation of the DMAC and DSAC.