Configure firewalls

Configure firewalls

If a hacker wants to remotely access your system or its data, they need to connect to your system over the network. Firewalls are special applications designed to keep your system safe by blocking these kinds of malicious or unwanted inbound connections.

In order to achieve this functionality, the firewall needs to be enabled and properly configured. Make sure your computers and servers are equipped with working and appropriately configured firewalls.


Unit computers and servers must have firewalls that are enabled and appropriately configured. This requirement can be automated for computers through the University's computer management service.

Additionally, units may contact IT to customize the firewall protection for their local networks.

  • Enable system firewalls on University-owned or -operated computers and servers.
  • Enable outbound connection filtering for firewalls on computers and servers that process sensitive University information.
  • Use the University's computer management service to enable firewalls and other security-related processes.

General guidelines

  • Ensure that your computer's firewall is turned on and has (at a minimum) the recommended filtering settings enabled.