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Follow acceptable use requirements for IT resources

Follow acceptable use requirements for IT resources

The University provides a range of IT resources, including email, computing resources, and the University network, for use by members of the University community. Your use of these resources is dependent on your ability to follow their acceptable use requirements.

Everyone who uses the University's IT resources is responsible for understanding and adhering to acceptable use of those resources.

General guidelines

  • Follow the law and the Policy for Responsible Computing.
  • Use email appropriately.
  • Do not use email to transmit plaintext (unencrypted) sensitive University information.
  • Do not use IT resources to commit copyright violations.
  • Do not use IT resources for commercial, political, or other non-University activities without written authorization from the University.
  • Do not engage in any actions that might compromise the integrity of the University network.
  • Do not use official University accounts to conduct personal business. For example, do not use a University social networking account to publish your personal views.
  • Do not use IT resources for harassing, discriminatory, malicious, or threatening activity.
  • Do not use University mailing lists for unofficial purposes or without authorization.
  • Do not use IT resources to intercept communications intended for another user or to impersonate another user.
  • If you have a question about the use of IT resources, contact the IT Support Center for assistance.