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Weekly Educational Events of Interest

In addition to the event calendars above, I can highly recommend these events for getting out to meet other educators and to see how people are using Second Life in education.

Every Tuesday at 2:30 SLT (5:30 ET) ( schedule subject to change)

By Whitman, Bi-weekly
Tuesdays at 4pm SLT Caledon Library, on the Hub in Victoria City
By Whitman, Bi-weekly will provide an opportunity to look closely at this beloved work. Each week we'll spend an hour discussing its context and examining the poetry of the the 1855 first edition. The series will also give those who love Leaves of Grass, and those who would like to learn more, an opportunity to explore Whitman's vigorous and heartfelt poetry together.
Schedule: August 11 & 25 - Sep 8 & 22 - Oct 6 & 20 - Nov 3 & 17 - Dec 1, 15, & 29

ISTE Speaker Series Sessions
Every Tuesday at 5:00 SLT (8:00 ET)
Go there:

Newbie Educator Meet-up Marlboro College Graduate Center:
Time: 6:00 PM SLT (9:00 ET)
Go there:

Ask an Astronomer
Every Wednesday 10am SLT (1:00pm ET)
Go there:
An astronomer or astronomers will be present so you can ask them questions about astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, etc. All are welcome! This event series is organized by the Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics (MICA).
For more information about MICA:

Every Wednesday
at 1:00 pm SLT/4:00 pm ET ( Starting up again in the fall) Live weekly talk show coming from Cornell University featuring - Business, education, economics, science and policy in the metaverse of virtual worlds! Main Location (live):
Partner Locations (simulcast):
Colonia Nova:
Orange Island:
Rockcliffe University:
Web site: for more information and viewing on the web -

Train For Success-Gronstedt Group
Every Thursday from noon-1:00 PM EDT
Gronstedt Group’s weekly Second Life sessions bring together training and communication professionals globally to explore how leading corporations are rethinking learning and transforming workplace performance with virtual worlds and Web 2.0.
Do a search and join their group for weekly meeting place.

Science-Fiction Writing Group
Every Thursday 12pm – 1pm SLT (3:00pm ET)
Want to write a SciFi story? With other people? In Second Life?
Go there:
For more details, see:

ISTE Island Educator Social
Every Thursday 6pm – 7pm SLT (9:00pm ET)
Go there:
ISTE is host to a social event for educators to meet and network.
For further information see:

Science Friday (Yes the NPR Radio Show) at Science Friday
Every Friday, 11am – 1pm SLT (2:00-4:00pm ET)
Go there:
Science Friday is a weekly call-in talk show that is part of National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation radio program. SciFri is hosted by Ira Flatow with Joe Palca stepping in when Flatow is away. The focus of each two-hour program is nature, science, and technology and the news and information. Questions can be submitted via text chat in Second Life.
Read about it on the web:

The Naked Scientists (BBC Radio Show) at the SciLands
Every Sunday at 10am SLT (1:00pm ET)
Go there:
Web page:
Note: The show is in the UK, because the UK and the USA change to/from daylight savings time on different days the show time will change around that time.


We have started a group in Ning! After you have activated your Second Life account, please join the group to continue with your exploration and to deepen your understanding of Second Life. Ning is a social network where you can post comments as well as add videos, photos, SL experiences, and travel recommendations. But, you are not forced to do so to be a member. There is an RSS feed so you can add us to your news reader to be alerted of the latest updates.

The site is called UDSLED, which is short for University of Delaware Second Life EDucators. It is for everyone who has an interest in Second Life as an educational tool, even if you are not using it that way initially.

The web site you are using now will remain as UD's gateway to Second Life. All of the Getting Started and Links sections will remain active and we'll continue to offer you a list of great, but abbreviated, list of places to visit and regular events to set you on the path of discovery. All past sims of the week and Machinima of the month have been moved to the Ning site and all new additions will be added there weekly.

There is a link back to this site, so if you join the Ning site right away you can still get back to these resources easily. Please join the UDSLED Ning group for all things related to Second Life at the University of Delaware.

SIMS To Get You Started

This area offers you some great locations to get you started exploring. We've tried to cover a wide range of interests.
If we missed your interest or if any of these locations are no longer available, please let us know. We'll fix that situation right away!

Educational Use Sims
Foul Whisperings Strange Matters, Macbeth -|
Renaissance Island -
Land of Lincoln -
Healthinfo Island -
Investing InfoIsland -
Virtual Harlem -
Dante's Inferno and Linden Hills -'s%20Inferno/223/9/58
Literature alive -

International Spaceflight Museum -
Genetics Atelier, Genome -
NOAA Virtual Island, Meteora -
Second Nature Cafe -
Heart Murmur Sim -
Virtual Hallucinations -
ROMA Archaeology -
Okapi Island -
Giza, iCommons -

Capitol Hill South -
Democracy Island -
Diplomacy Island -
The Wall -

Inspiring or Art Builds
Chakryn Forest -
Dive World -
The Weather Channel HQ -
The Far Away -
Primtings Museum -
The Lost Gardens of Apollo -
The SL Globe Theatre -
Museum of Natural History Vienna -
Emvee Cuba -

EDU Group islands
Discovery Educator Network -
Lighthouse Learning Island -
Welcome to the jokaydia Estate -
ISTE Island -

Last updated: February 15, 2010