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The current list of Sakai tools available at UD are listed below with their main functions. The title of each tool links to its individual Help page.


  Site Info Show worksite information and site participants
  Roster View the site participants list
  Section Info Manage sections within a site


  Home View general information and notices of recent announcements, discussions, calendar and chat items
  Search Find content within the resources and tools of a course

Content Delivery

  Resources Post and organize files and URLs to other websites
  Web Content Access an external website from the course menubar
  Syllabus Post a summary outline and/or requirements for a course
  News View content from online sources
  Podcasts Manage individual podcast and podcast feed information


  Assignments Post, submit and grade assignments online
  Gradebook Store and compute assessment grades from Tests & Quizzes, Assignments or those manually entered
  Post'Em Upload .csv formatted files to display feedback (e.g., comments, grades) to site participants
  Tests & Quizzes Create and administer online assessments


  Announcements Post current or time-critical information
  Schedule Post and view deadlines and events
  Messages Display e-mail to and from participants in the site
  Forums Display asynchronous discussions of the site
  Blog Wow! Create and view blogs
  Chat Room Hold real-time conversations in written form
  Polls Conduct anonymous polls or voting


  Wiki Edit pages and content collaboratively

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