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Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty and Staff


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Tests & Quizzes
  • + 1. What are some best practices for delivering online tests through Sakai@UD?
    • For instructors:

      1. • Settings:
        1. Assessment Organization
          1. Question Layout: Each Question is on a separate Web page
            1. Since students must save each answer before going to another question, if there is an interruption in service, when they resume taking the test they are more likely to have their previous answers retained if each question is on a separate page.
        2. Feedback
          1. For graded tests, do not use Immediate Feedback if you are also showing the correct answer.
            1. This setting gives students feedback during the test so they could alter their answers before submitting their work.
      2. Images:
        1. If you are including images in the question, it is best to attach them. To put an image in an answer, make sure that the URL for the image is at a site available to the current students.
      3. Question Pools:
        1. • If you make changes to a question in a question pool and that question is used in an assessment, the changes aren't made to either the pending or published version of the assessment.
          • If you are randomly choosing questions from a pool in which changes have been made, you can edit the part of the pending assessment using the pool, click Save, then publish the assessment.
      4. Zero points:
        1. If a student has not taken an assessment and you want to give zero points, using the Scores option on the published assessment, type -0 in the "Adj" column for the student and click Update.

      For students:

      1. • Take care not to click more than once when saving your answer.  Even if the system is slow, doing so could cause further delay.
      2. • After clicking "Submit for Grading," wait for the submission screen that includes your Confirmation Number (depending on your connection, it may take several minutes).  If you close your browser before seeing this screen, your test may not be recorded.
      3. • Be careful not to have more than one window or tab open to the Sakai quiz.  Doing so may cause your answers to be submitted incorrectly.

  • + 2. How do I permit students to retake a Tests & Quizzes assessment if only one submission is allowed?
    • An instructor can let a student resubmit his answers to a test. In Tests & Quizzes, click Scores on the published assessment. Then click Submission Status and Allow retake? under the student's name.

      Note that after a student retakes a test, if you export the scores for the published test the file produced will contain the results of both submissions. For both the Gradebook and the Tests & Quizzes the latest score is kept.

  • + 3. Why can't I see student names when grading a Sakai@UD Tests & Quizzes assessment?
    • In Tests & Quizzes, assessments may be set to be graded anonymously. This feature is intended to prevent grading bias based on a grader's past experience with a particular student. This setting can be changed by the instructor in either a Pending or a Published assessment (click Settings then Grading to choose the option that allows student identities to be seen by graders).

  • + 4. If I make a change to a question in one of my question pools, will that question be automatically changed in an existing assessment?
    • No. The connection between a pending assessment and a question pool must be reset if changes are made to the pool:

      1. • If you have copied an individual question, delete the question and re-add it to the assessment.
      2. • If you randomly draw from a question pool in a part of an assessment, edit the part and click Save.

      Remember that questions can only be edited in a pending assessment. If you need to change a question in a published assessment, first remove the published assessment, edit the pending version and republish it.