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Faculty Story

Wiki Usage in the Emerging Technologies Class


Mark Serva
Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting & MIS
University of Delaware


Professor Serva used wikis for his Emerging Technologies class, where students had a case study on Marriott Corporation, and for his Technology Management class, where it has been mostly used to support in-class debates. In order to center the information coming from Marriott executives (and avoid having all students overloading their email box and voicemail), the wiki became a question and answer space for the class project. He warns professors about the grading process, which can become difficult because of multiple factors, including working physically or using chat on the side, and overachievers, who can kill the discussion by writing a definitive answer from the get-go. Overall, he believes wikis are very efficient and have a low barrier to entry for anybody.

Audio Interview

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Interview recorded on November 19, 2007, as a part of Mathieu Plourde's wiki report.

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Screenshot ( KB) Serva1.jpg Screenshot from the wiki home page of the Emerging Technologies course. Notice a link to the Marriott Q & A and group pages.


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