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Faculty Story

Wiki Usage in Bioinformatics


Carl Schmidt
Associate Professor, Department of Animal and Food Sciences
University of Delaware


Professor Carl Schmidt teaches a course called Bioinformatics, which is a cross-disciplinary course on using computer applications in life sciences. The use of wikis is very important for his students because they will have to work in distributed teams throughout their professional life, especially in genome research. Every assignment was made public. The only things that remained private were grades and feedback from the professor. He found the wiki to be a very easy to use environment to monitor students, answer questions, and provide feedback. He is enthusiastic about the fact that he learned from is students how to present the information in a clear way, something that will be useful in his research.

Audio Interview

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Interview recorded on November 26, 2007, as a part of Mathieu Plourde's wiki report.

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Screenshot (120 KB) Schmidt1.jpg Screenshot from the home page of the wiki (Bioinformatics).
URL Link to the actual public wiki of the course.
Screenshot (254 KB) Schmidt2.jpg Screenshot from one part of a team project.
Screenshot (124 KB) Schmidt3.jpg Screenshot from one part of a team project with a visual output.


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