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Faculty Story

Wiki Usage in CISC 355 Computers, Ethics, and Society


Richard Gordon
Instructor, Department of Computer & Information Sciences
University of Delaware


Richard Gordon used a wiki for the first time in his class during the fall semester of 2007. Making students realize what a wiki is (a pool of collective knowledge), and how different it is from academic, peer-reviewed knowledge, was a part of his Computers, Ethics, and Society course. The first thing he asked his students to do was to start playing with the wiki in an unsigned area where they were asked to rate movies and pizzerias from the area. He was impressed by the creativity that his students demonstrated using the tool. He made students build an online glossary of terms used in his course, and students have built, on their own, a sort of handbook.

Audio Interview

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Interview recorded on November 19, 2007, as a part of Mathieu Plourde's wiki report.

Attachments and Links

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Screenshot (244 KB) Gordon1.jpg Screenshot from the home page of the wiki. All the assignments are listed on this page, including anonymous ice-breakers.
Screenshot (311 KB) Gordon2.jpg Screenshot from the anonymous movie rating page.


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