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Faculty Story

Wiki Usage in COMM/POSC 425 Global Media & International Politics


Ralph Begleiter
Distinguished Journalist in Residence
Rosenberg Professor of Communication, Department of Communication
University of Delaware


During the fall 2007 semester, Professor Begleiter proposed that his honor students to use a wiki for a class project. Although the idea seemed nice, he struggled with the individual grading of his students, finding the process time-consuming. He also noticed that students did not write collaboratively, but mostly wrote own their thing using a word processor and copy-pasted the finished product in the wiki. Even though he had a mitigated experience with a wiki, he thinks that it is important that the students understand what a wiki is and how it relates to how most people work out of the academia: in groups.

Audio Interview

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Interview recorded on November 21, 2007, as a part of Mathieu Plourde's wiki report.

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Screenshot (140 KB) Begleiter1.jpg Screenshot from the home page of the wiki. When a student clicks on a assignment, he/she is gets to a wiki page where the instructions are available.They must start answering questions and posting comments on the same page.


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