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Philosophy Department      34 Minquil Dr.
University of Delaware      Newark, DE 19713
Newark, DE 19716       302-737-0127


B.A. in Philosophy and History, Summa Cuma Laude, from the University of Delaware, 1975.

M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Delaware, 1976.
Thesis: A Comparison Between St. Augustine of Hippo and St. Anselm of Canterbury on Certain Problems Concerning the Freedom of the Will.  Robert Brown, Advisor.

Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame, January, 1982.  Dissertation: St. Anselm of Canterbury on Divine and Human Ideas. Stephen Gersh, Advisor.

Ph.D. in Humane Studies (honores causa) St. Anselm College, Manchester NH, 2005.

Areas of Specialization

Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Free Will

Areas of Competence

Ancient Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Ethics (including Contemporary Moral Problems).

Post-Graduate Teaching Experience

University of Delaware:  Professor, 2008- Present. Associate Professor: 2001- 2008. Assistant Professor: Part-time, Fall 1980-Spring 1985; Full-time, Fall 1985- Spring 1996. Tenure track, Fall 1996-Spring 2001. Courses taught most frequently: Early Medieval Philosophy, Late Medieval Philosophy, Great Western Philosophers, Philosophy in Film.


American Catholic Philosophical Association (Executive Committee in 2005)
Society of Christian Philosophers (Executive Committee in 2005))
Board of Advisors, Institute for Anselm Studies, St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH



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Articles in Refereed Journals

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Articles in Online Journals

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Articles in Collections, Text Books, Encyclopedias, Proceedings, Festschriften, etc.

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Book Reviews

Peter van Inwagen, ed. Christian Faith and the Problem of Evil (William B. Eerdmans: Grand Rapids, MI, 2004) in Religious Studies 42 (2006) pp.111-116.

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Selected Conference Papers and Addresses (Only papers not already mentioned on CV are included.)

"A Self-Causation Theory of Punishment: Retribution for Theists" Wheaton Philosophy Conference, Wheaton IL, October 2002.

Keynote Address, "Anselm on Freedom and the imago Dei," The Second Saint Anselm Conference, Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH, April, 2002.

"Anselm on Freedom and Frankfurt," Western Division Society of Christian Philsophers Annual Meeting, April, 2002.

 "Euthanasia in a Theist Universe," Western Division Society of Christian Philosophers Annual Meeting April, 2001.

"7+3=God: Augustine's Argument from Certainty,"Wheaton Philosophy Conference, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL October, 1999

"Passional Reasoning, First Principles, and the Case for Christianity,"Central Division APA Meeting (1997):

All of the following read at Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Conference Villanova University, Villanova PA:

"Thomas Aquinas on the Direct Knowledge of God" (1998)

"Platonism in Anselm's Ontological Argument" (1995)

"The Irrelevance of Original Sin in Augustine's Doctrine of the Will" (1994)

"Eriugena and Anselm on God's Causal Omniscience" (1992)

"Anselm the Indeterminist" (1991)

"Algazali and Hume on Believing in Causal Connections" (1990)