CISC 356: Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

Spring 2015
Meeting Time: Mondays and Wednesdays
Meeting Location: 221 Allison Hall
Instructor: Richard Gordon (richard [at] udel [dot] edu) or 831-1717
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Mo Feb 9 Course Introduction
Wed Feb 11 IP History
Mon Feb 16 Boyle Ch 1: Why Intellectual Property?
Wed Feb 18 Hunter, pp. xi-xiii and 1-32 (stop at "Subsistence")
Mon Feb 23 Hunter pp. 32-55 (stop at "Infringement")
Wed Feb 25 Hunter pp. 55-79 (stop at end of "Copyright" chapter)
Mon Mar 2 Skim the exceptions to US Copyright (sections 107-122)
Kevin L. Smith, Owning and Using Scholarship: An IP Handbook for Teachers and Researchers, Association of College and Research Libraries (ALA), Chicago, 2014. pp. 108-123 on Fair Use (stop at "Who Should I Ask For Permission) Note: use page numbers in the PDF not the number of pages your PDF viewer displays.
Wed Mar 4 Court is in Session!
Sun Mar 8
Copyright test due
Mon Mar 9 Hunter pp. 80 - 103. Stop at Adequate Disclosure
Wed Mar 11 Engines of our Ingenuity: Episode 2002--Patent History
Hunter pp. 80 - 110. Stop at Infringement
AIPLA summary of America Invents Act
Browse the USPTO AIA site: AIA FAQs
Mon Mar 16 Ladas & Parry, LLP: A brief history of the Patent Law of the United States
Economic History Association: An Economic History of Patent Institutions
Wed Mar 18 Hunter pp. 111 - 130 (end of Patent chapter)
USPTO: General Information Concerning Patents (Skim)
Mon Mar 23 Myriad Genetics: Research it and report what you find
Wed Mar 25 Software patents:
The History of Software Patents: From Benson, Flook, and Diehr to Bilski and Mayo v. Prometheus (
Bitlaw summary of Bilski v. Kappos
Danile A. Tysver's commentary on Bilski v. Kappos is also germane (Also posted at
Are these two decisions contradictory? Alice v CLS and DDR Holdings v
Fri Mar 27 Patent Test Due
Mon Apr 6 Administrative things to be discussed in class. No reading assigned.
Wed Apr 8 Hunter pp. 131-143, stopping at “Registering Trademarks”
Mon Apr 13 Hunter pp. 143-161, stopping at "Infrigement and other actions."
Wed Apr 15 First blog post due
Hunter pp. 161-175, stopping at "Defenses and Loss of Rights"
Mon Apr 20 Hunter pp. 175-183 (end of trademark chapter)
Daniel Tysver, Domain Name Disputes,, 2015.
Sharie Mendrey, Domain Name Case Law, Harvard Cyber Law, 2000.
Wed Apr 22 Hunter: pp. 184-202 "Trade Secrets"
Mon Apr 27 & Wed Apr 29 Norm-based IP systems
  1. Secrets Revealed: How Magicians Protect Intellectual Property Without Law J. Loshin, 2007.
  2. Inspiration and Attribution in Cooking G. Ulla, 2012.
  3. IP Lawyer N. Straus on how Chefs can protect their work A. McKeever, 2012.
Assignments posted in Google Group!
Wed Apr 29 Second blog post due
Mon May 4 Guest Speakers: Keith Heckert and Holly Norton, UD CPA, re: UD Brand.
Review UD Brand Style Guide and Graphic Standards before class: Keith and Holly may also refer to the Licensing & Trademarks section of that Web area.
Wed May 6 Meet at Reference Desk of Morris Library as close to 4:55pm as possible.
Guest Speaker: Tom Melvin, UD Libraries, Patent Searching
Bring your laptop or tablet--charged.
Before attending this workshop, review "Patent Claim Interpretation" (Hunter pp. 111-113).
USPTO, Seven Step Strategy for Patent Searching, 2015. In particular, Tom asks that you review this adaptation of the 7-step patent search strategy guide.
K. L. Shandrow, How to Conduct a Patent Search to Make Sure Your Brilliant Invention Doesn't Already Exist (Infographic),, 2015.
Mon May 11 Hunter: pp. 203-228 "Related Rights"
Wed May 13 Creative Commons: Explore the Creative Commons website:
Things to look for:
  • Growth
  • Different kinds of licenses
  • Difference between a CC license and the Public Domain
  • Philosophy
Free Software Foundation: Explore the FSF website:
Things to look for:
  • Difference between FSF and Open Source
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Views on copyright and patent of software
Fri May 15 Test 3 due
Mon May 18 Third blog post due
Tue May 19 Course Evaluation due at 11:59 p.m.
Thu May 28, 9pm Final: Take Home Due
Mon Jun 1, 5pm Grades Due
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