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Student Initiative Fund

The Student Initiative Fund (SIF) provides students an opportunity to host an event for their floor or building community!

Planning and holding an SIF event is a great opportunity for students to have a positive impact on their community, and enhance their resume, all while having lots of fun at no or little cost to themselves.

To request funds, please complete the SIF application and utilize the checklist found below.

SIF requests are reviewed once a week on Wednesday afternoons, so students are encouraged to submit requests at least one week in advance of their requested event date.

Any questions about whether your event qualifies? Talk to your RA, RHC or email the SIF Council.

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How does my SIF receive funding?

  1. Approved SIF events will be allocated up to $100.
  2. There is an opportunity to request additional funding up to $40 (see "Additional Funding" below).
  3. While we don't funding custom apparel, “make and takes” are a great way to get people together. (Crafts, tie-dying, etc.)
  4. Applications are for one-time events, but multiple applications are welcome
  5. Planning a competition? Prize money can be allocated up to $15.

Additional Funding

You can request up to an additional $40 if your event qualifies for one of the following:

  1. Is this a service event that will benefit a community service organization?
  2. Is it going to be a late-night weekend event? (Friday or Saturday after 9:30 p.m.)
  3. Is it a certified environmentally sustainable program?*
  4. Is it an academic event?
  5. Is it an event that will promote cultural learning or sharing?

*In order for your event to be certified environmentally sustainable, please fill out and submit the form via email upon completion of your SIF request.

How do I get reimbursed?

The form for student reimbursements for an SIF event can be found here.

This form is also emailed to you automatically the day following your SIF program with instructions about reimbursement.

SIF Event Checklist

  1. Decide what event you want to do that will build community. Be sure it has active community components!

  2. Confirm your date, time, and location with your RHC/RA.

  3. Make a shopping list. You will be required to list items that you wish to purchase on your SIF application.

  4. Think about how you will purchase the needed items. Will you personally purchase the items or collect money from your floor? If you are having trouble figuring out this step, talk to your RHC for more options. Any student who cannot pay out of pocket is still welcomed to apply and your RHC will help supply items needed! Any money spent by a student within the approved budget will be reimbursed by Residence Life and Housing.

  5. Do you qualify for additional funding? If your event is a service, environmentally sustainable, promotes cultural learning, or is a late night and weekend event, you may qualify. See above for more details to see if your program qualifies!

  6. Develop a plan to advertise and promote your event. Work with your Residence Life and Housing Staff to find the best way to advertise in your community.

  7. Fill out the online application.

  8. Optional: Come to a council meeting to present your request. All requests will be presented regardless of whether or not the application initiator is in attendance.

  9. After you receive approval, shop and advertise! If your request is not approved, consider reapplying based on the feedback for improvement.

  10. Have a great event!

  11. Keep all receipts! Fill out the Reimbursement Form found on the website. Reimbursements will be available in the form of a check to be picked up at the Residence Life and Housing office in 116 Gilbert Hall.

What happens at SIF Council meetings?

All students are welcome to attend the SIF Council Meetings to help make allocation decisions and offer suggestions for program requests. Students are also encouraged to present their SIF request for immediate feedback and approval notification.

Wednesdays (Aug. 28–Dec. 4, 2019), 1–2 p.m. in Gilbert Hall Lounge

Please note the council will not meet on Nov. 27 in observance of Thanksgiving Break.

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