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Residence Hall Posting, Mass Mailing, & Chalking Guidelines

Bulletin Boards within Residence Halls

Residence Life & Housing staff and Community Councils frequently advertise educational, cultural, or social functions in their hall. The sponsor and posting date must be indicated clearly on materials to be displayed on bulletin boards. The individual planning the program should remove any postings within 48 hours of the program's completion.

Non-residence hall groups may also advertise their events in the residence halls. Any Registered Student Organization (RSO)or University office that would like to post advertisements in the residence halls may do so by seeking approval from a Residence Life & Housing Administrative Assistant in the Residence Life & Housing main office or the Event Services Office in the Student Centers. Any posters approved should be consistent with University policies and procedures. Any concerns raised will be directed to the sponsoring RSO or office. Groups are not allowed to display any commercial advertisement or promotions within residence halls. Organizations are responsible for sorting the postings in hall order. Postings may only be put up by Residence Life & Housing staff on approved bulletin boards. Groups are not authorized to hang their own postings.

Authorization of Postings

Flyers to be posted in the residence halls must be authorized by a Residence Life & Housing Administrative Assistant in Eliphalet Gilbert or the Event Services Office in the Student Centers. This authorization is merely an acknowledgement that a University office or Registered Student Organization is sponsoring the program being advertised. For example, Residence Life & Housing will not authorize for posting any flyers for non-University events, business advertisements, etc. Residence Life & Housing will not distribute posters advertising events that offer alcohol.

When a flyer raises some concern due to its content, we will ask that written confirmation from the Registered Student Organization advisor or someone from the sponsoring office be provided for our records. The written confirmation should include acknowledgement of the content of the flyer, approval that the flyer be used, and the name and phone number of a contact person. We will direct any questions or concerns raised about the flyer to the contact.

Violations of the Residence Life & Housing Posting Guidelines will subject the sponsoring organization, individual, or department to cover the cost of removal and repair costs for damages resulting from the unauthorized posting. Businesses, organizations, individuals and departments may be charged $5.00 for removing each individual item posted in violation of this policy.

No more than one poster (18" x 22") or two standard flyers (8.5" x 11") may be posted on any individual bulletin board concerning a single issue or event. Materials promoting an event must be removed no later than 48 hours after the event. Non date-specific materials will be authorized for posting for thirty days from time of stamping.

It generally takes three business days for a flyer to move from the Residence Life & Housing main office to its eventual destination on a bulletin board.


Residence Life & Housing does not permit hanging banners on the outside of residence halls.  Authorized areas for the posting of banners have been established on the Laird Campus.  Recognized student organizations are permitted to display banners on the tennis court fences, but are responsible for removing them the day after the event being advertised. Banners displayed elsewhere on campus or left beyond the day after the advertised event will be considered a violation of the policy and will be removed and disposed of. The sponsoring organization will be charged a removal/disposal fee.  

Mass Mailings

Residence Life & Housing staff will not provide access to student mailboxes or mailing labels to outside groups or organizations for mass mail or flyer distribution. In addition, Residence Life & Housing staff will not provide access to student email addresses for the purpose of mass email distribution. Delivering flyers via mailboxes and sending complex-wide emails are restricted to residence hall staff and staff members must have advance approval from their Area/Complex Coordinator.

Sidewalk Chalking

Chalking areas are available around some residence halls for the purpose of advertising residence hall programs once permission is granted. Each Residence Hall Coordinator or Area/Complex Coordinator regulates the use of the space to ensure that there is not a conflict in the scheduling of the chalking area space and to ensure that the chalked message is related to an upcoming residence hall event. For available chalking areas and to reserve use, contact your Residence Hall Coordinator or Area/Complex Coordinator.

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