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Lounge and Outdoor Residence Hall Public Area Use

By Registered Student Organizations or University Offices

Residence hall lounges and outdoor public areas are available for reservation by residents; Resident Student Organizations (RSOs); and University departments and offices for social, recreational and educational activities. Representatives who make reservations will assume responsibility for the care and security of the space, including managing the behavior of guests who are present for the event.

To ensure that all lounges and outdoor public areas are reserved appropriately and fairly, each Residence Hall Coordinator or Hall Director is responsible for regulating the use of the lounges in their halls. Groups interested in reserving a specific space controlled by Residence Life & Housing should contact the appropriate staff member.

In addition to lounge spaces within each residence hall, Residence Hall Coordinators are authorized to approve outdoor reservations for the following areas:

  • Caesar Rodney stairway platform
  • Louis L. Redding Courtyard
  • George Read Courtyard
  • James Smith Patio
  • Ray Street Field

When Residence Hall Coordinators, Hall Directors or Area/Complex Coordinators authorize the use of lounge and outdoor residence hall public areas, the following will apply:

  • Requests for lounge use or outdoor public areas should be submitted to the appropriate staff member in writing (email is acceptable) at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. They will determine if the lounge or outdoor area is available. If so, they will communicate to the requester that the event may be held.
  • Residence Life & Housing staff members will only provide access to the building to residents of the building and the event host(s). The event host(s) will be responsible for providing access to any non-resident event attendees.
  • Prior to the start of the event, event hosts will review the lounge reservation policy in its entirety as well as information regarding how to contact a staff member if needed.
  • Events must be open to all residents living in the complex.
  • Any publicity of scheduled events is the sole responsibility of the event hosts and must follow Residence Life & Housing publicity guidelines.
  • Attendees of the event must be respectful of courtesy hours or quiet hours for the duration of their event.
  • One space per complex will be designated as a space that may be reserved for multiple weeks in a row by RSOs.
    • This space may be reserved for up to five hours per week, with no one group reserving it for any more than ninety minutes per week.
    • At least one resident of that complex must be present and will be responsible for all guests present.
    • This space is first come, first served and may be reserved for up to one semester at a time.
    • Groups interested in reserving space within the residence halls for multiple weeks in a row should complete this Google form.
  • Clean-up of the lounge or outdoor area following an event must occur as soon as the event has ended. Failure to clean the lounge or outdoor public area, return the furniture and fixtures to their original location and take trash and recycling to the outside disposal receptacles will result in an excessive housekeeping charge for which the sponsoring organization will be responsible. Damage/and or excessive housekeeping charges will be billed directly to the organization involved.
  • If observed, any violation of a residence hall regulation or other Residence Life & Housing hall regulation or other University policy will be documented and handled accordingly.
  • No events may be sponsored at which alcohol is served.
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