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Prohibited Items and Actions

In order to provide a safer living environment, certain items and practices are prohibited in residence halls and apartments. When staff members become aware of these items or actions, students are notified to take corrective action.

Violations of these policies may be adjudicated in one of two ways, at the discretion of Residence Life staff:

  1. Through the Residence Hall Regulations system administered by the Residence Life staff, or
  2. Through a referral to the Office of Student Conduct if their actions are a violation of the University Code of Conduct

The list of prohibited items and actions provided below is not exhaustive. Some actions, due to the severe risk they create in a residential living environment, are most often referred to the Office of Student Conduct for adjudication and sanctioning. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • The burning of candles and incense
  • Tampering with or misusing fire safety equipment
  • Being on the roof of a University building
  • Hanging items on sprinkler heads or piping
  • Storage or use of flammable/combustible materials, liquids or gases (including gas grills) within a building
  • Possession or use of a hoverboard

Refer to the Residence Hall Regulations and Student Guide to Policies for more information.

Electrical and Fire Safety

  • Halogen lamps are prohibited
  • Plain extension cords are prohibited. Only multi-plug power strips with internal circuit breakers are approved. Computers must be plugged into appropriately rated surge protectors
  • Connecting multiple strands of holiday lights together is prohibited
  • Possessing and/or using prohibited electrical appliances such as toaster ovens, immersion heaters, hot plates (including candle warmers), indoor grills, space heaters, personal window air conditioning units or more than one refrigerator per room is prohibited
  • Possession of candles and/or incense is prohibited
  • Blocking stairways or hallways with items is prohibited
  • Hanging items on ceilings is prohibited
  • Parking motorcycles, mopeds, or motor scooters within l0 feet of the building is prohibited
  • Smoking in any residence hall room or public area is prohibited
  • Blocking smoke detectors and/or sprinkler heads is prohibited

Furnishings and Room Usage

  • The use of nails, screws, hooks, etc. to hang any pictures, poster, or any fixture that would damage walls is prohibited
  • Moving university furniture from assigned areas to other areas of the building is prohibited
  • The disassembling of any room-furnishing component is prohibited.
  • Damaging walls or ceilings by attaching shelves and/or curtain rods is prohibited and may result in billing.
  • Using inverted beds (turning beds upside down), waterbeds, mattresses on the floor, or non-University mattresses is prohibited.
  • Throwing items out of windows is prohibited.
  • Loitering in fire towers is prohibited.
  • Refusing to allow University personnel into a room for the purpose of a health, fire, safety, housekeeping, or maintenance inspection or to perform maintenance or other job duties is prohibited. This may also be referred to the Office of Student Conduct under the Failure to Comply Policy.
  • Participating in any activity in violation of health, fire, safety or maintenance codes is prohibited.