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Jim Tweedy - Director, Residence Life & Housing

Jim Tweedy
Residence Life & Housing

Welcome to Residence Life & Housing!

Living on campus and getting involved in the campus community can be one of the most rewarding experiences of college. To be an involved student is to be a connected student and, research shows, a more successful student academically. In our halls, students can connect with other students, leadership opportunities, campus organizations and more.

Residence Life & Housing staff members at the University of Delaware are committed to partnering with residents to create fun and engaging environments in the residence halls, a student’s home away from home. More than 230 staff members have been carefully selected and trained to create and support welcoming and inclusive living environments that are conducive to students' academic, personal and social endeavors. Beginning with an intentional room assignments process and continuing throughout the student’s time living in the halls, residents have opportunities to learn how to be good neighbors; to learn about themselves, differences in people, ideas, cultures and opinions; to utilize their talents in the community; and to develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Dr. Jim Tweedy
Director, Residence Life & Housing

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