University of Delaware
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Tough Technologies

Tough challenges are no match for UD innovation. Amazing "Liquid Armor" protects the wearer against bullets, blades and bombs. Light, flexible solar cells are being designed to replace the heavy batteries in soldiers’ packs. And new magnets in development may wind up turning on a new U.S. industry. ...
Julie Hubbard

The psychology of bullying

When it comes to understanding bullying, "we make a lot of assumptions that aren't based on data," says UD psychologist Julie Hubbard, whose scholarship aims to build a stronger empirical foundation that could lead to new and more successful evidence-based programs for bullying. ...
Robin Morgan

Future Food

As the dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware, Robin Morgan is cultivating a vibrant community of students, faculty, staff, and friends and partners united around a shared passion for the natural world. One of her key concerns is the safety of America's food supply. ...
Home Front

On the Home Front

Can our future homes be more resistant to hurricanes and other catastrophes? UD's Tripp Shenton (right) and Richard Wool are developing green, disaster-resistant roofing materials. Their work has inspired "disaster houses in a box," which could be deployed in the thousands by the Red Cross. ...