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Patrick Harker Domenico Grasso
President Provost
Research Office
Charles Riordan
Deputy Provost for Research and Scholarship
Cordell Overby
Associate Deputy Provost
for Research and Regulatory Affairs
Trudy Riley
Associate Deputy Provost
for Research Administration
David Barczak
Art Director and Communications Manager
University of Delaware Research Office
209 Hullihen Hall
Newark, DE 19716
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Communications and Public Affairs
Deborah Hayes
Vice President for
Communications and Public Affairs
Tracey Bryant
Editor and Director for Research Communications
Beth Miller
Science Writer
University of Delaware Research
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COVER: BADER Consortium, led by the University of Delaware, is advancing rehabilitation science to help wounded warriors and civilians move forward with their lives. Illustration by David Barczak. 3/15:10K
30| Mapping a Culture
A UD team travels to the Amazon basin of Peru to help the Ese’Eja Nation document a fleeting way of life.
ISSN 2150-461X
Volume 5 / Number 1 / 2015
14| New Strides in Orthopedic Care
Funded by the Department of Defense, the BADER Consortium is mobilizing research and treatment to return amputees to optimal function.
26| Teaching Number Sense
Early math skills can predict success later on. Professor Nancy Jordan shares how you can help preschoolers gain a strong math foundation.
28| Research at a Glance
Explore our infographic and learn more about the
excellence and breadth of UD’s research enterprise.
8|ASTAR begins to shine
The revised plan for UD’s Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus shows an innovation center in development.
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