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Life at the pole
Home for the holidays""
January 9, 2008
The Adventure Continues""
December 19, 2007
Weather or not""
December 17, 2007
Glad to Go, Sorry to Leave""
December 11, 2007
IceTop Milestone!""
December 6, 2007
Safety First""
December 1, 2007
Antarctic View""
November 30, 2007
A South Pole Thanksgiving""
November 27, 2007
Getting Around""
November 24, 2007
Antarctica 2007!""
November 20, 2007
Hello from the South Pole""
November 16, 2007

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International Polar Year "" ""
Are you ready for a journey to the frozen ends of the Earth? Scientists from the University of Delaware —
a leading center for polar research — are joining scientists from more than 60 nations in exploring the mysteries of the Arctic and the Antarctic during the International Polar Year.

Visit this Web site often to learn about the latest UD polar research and its importance to our daily lives.
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Special thanks to James Roth, UD College of Arts and Science, and David Huntley, Michael League, and Melissa Zweng, UD College of Marine and Earth Studies, for the photographs that appear in the slide show.

The International Polar Year extends from March 1, 2007, to March 1, 2009. To visit the U.S. Web site, click here.