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Univ. of Delaware - Matriculated Students - Transfer Credit from U.S. Institutions

Complete the steps below if you are:

    • a matriculated UD undergraduate (fr/soph/jr/sr)
    • who would like to transfer credit taken at a U.S. Institution
    • Note: If you are currently an ELI AT/CAP student, an incoming transfer student, or newly admitted student, follow these separate instructions to transfer coursework from a U.S. institution or an international institution.

Important Information:

  1. The student (not a family member) must complete all transfer credit paperwork.
  2. Complete this process before taking the external course, as it may not transfer after the program.
  3. Cost for transferring credit = $75 per term, per institution. This is billed after credits post to your record.
  4. Financial aid: If you plan to study outside UD for a full semester (Leave of Absence) you will not be eligible for institutional aid during the leave. Students can apply for Federal Aid through a consortium agreement  (pdf). In addition, students must transfer back the equivalent of at least 12 UD credits per semester in order to regain eligibility for institutional scholarships and grants when they return to the University. Complete the TIPA form (Step 1 below) to confirm how credits at the non-UD institution will transfer to UD (i.e., # of credit there = # of UD credits). We also recommend that you make an appointment with Student Financial Services to discuss your plans and the potential impact that a Leave of Absence may have on your UD financial package (302-831-2126).
  5. If you will be away from UD for a full semester, contact your Asst. Dean to complete a Leave of Absence form.

Procedure for Transferring Courses from a U.S. Institution

Click each step below for detailed instructions. Or download all steps on this printable PDF.

Step 1
Search the Transfer Credit Matrix to check if UD has accepted courses from this institution
Step 2
For courses not in the Matrix, send course descriptions to UD departments to review
Step 3
Print/complete/sign a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) form
Step 4
Send your TCE form and course approvals to your Asst. Dean for review/signature
Step 5
Review next steps and UD policies
Step 6
Ask the institution to send an official final transcript to the Registrar’s Office
Step 7
Review what will happen after your transcript arrives at UD

Questions or concerns? Contact the Registrar’s Office at Additional information can be found in the Undergraduate Programs section of the Catalog.

STEP 1 - Search the Transfer Matrix, looking for TWO things.

  1. Check if the institution appears in the Matrix. If you do not see your institution listed, email Note that not all U.S. institutions are eligible for course transfer.
    • Institutions must be degree-granting and regionally accredited by the appropriate body and at the appropriate higher education level.
    • Courses must be at the college level and align with UD’s curriculum. Credit must be issued on an official institutional transcript.
  2. Next, check if your specific courses appear in the Matrix (already approved for a previous UD student):
    • If the courses are listed, skip Step 2, and proceed to Step 3.
    • If the courses are not listed, proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2 - Departmental Course Review (this process takes time – don’t wait until the last minute):

  1. Choose the courses you may want to take, and find course descriptions or official syllabi (web link, PDF, printed copy). Course descriptions should include:
    • Course #, title, number of credits (or whatever the school uses to identify the course)
    • A thorough description of topics or areas covered (as many details as possible)
    • If science lab/lectures are separated, provide information for both courses
  2. Download this template and copy/paste the text into a blank email, edit with your information, and send your course descriptions/syllabi to the departmental contact for review. For example, if you will take courses in both History and Chemistry, History courses are reviewed by the HIST department, and Chemistry courses by CHEM.
  3. The departmental contact will evaluate the course, determine if there is a UD equivalent, and email you, copying If you have not heard their decision in 1-2 weeks, follow-up with them directly.

STEP 3 - Print, complete and sign a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) form.

  1. Enter the external course info on the left-hand side of the form, and the UD equivalents on the right-hand side (these are the courses confirmed in either Step 1 or Step 2 – by the Matrix or UD departments).
  2. If requesting transfer credit from multiple institutions, or in multiple terms, complete a separate TCE form for each.

STEP 4 - Assistant Dean Review:

  1. Email a PDF or JPG of the following materials to the Assistant Dean of the College of your major for review/signature. If your Assistant Dean has questions or concerns, they will email you directly. Otherwise, they will sign and forward your materials to the Registrar's Office.
    • Completed/signed TCE form
    • E-mails of department approvals (sent from the department contact)
  2. If you will be away from UD for a full semester, email your Assistant Dean and ask that they submit a Leave of Absence (LoA) form for you.
  3. Friendly tip: Meet with your academic advisor to confirm how transfer credits will count toward your degree.

STEP 5 - Review Policy Info & Deliver Final Paperwork:

  1. If you will be using financial aid, make a copy of your signed TCE to deliver to Student Financial Services.
  2. Credits at UD are based on the semester system, with a standard number of hours required per credit.
  3. Grades at UD are based on a standard 4 point scale (0.0 to 4.0). UD uses our own grade conversion scales (irrespective of suggestions offered by other institutions).
  4. Courses must be taken for a letter grade (not pass/fail). The min. grade accepted for credit is a UD "C" (2.0).
  5. Grades for transfer courses are not part of your UD GPA, and do not appear on your external UD transcript.

STEP 6 - Official transcript:

  1. We require an official transcript, issued by the institution.
  2. Paper transcripts should be sent to this address:
       Registrar - Transfer Credit
       University of Delaware
       210 S. College Avenue
       Newark, DE 19716
  3. Electronic transcripts should be password protected, emailed from the institution directly to Electronic transcripts forwarded from the student will not be accepted.
  4. If the institution sends the paper transcript directly to you, do NOT open it. Bring the original sealed envelope to the Registrar’s Office. Transcripts must be in original sealed envelopes.

STEP 7 - Posting Credit:

  1. 1-2 weeks after we receive your official transcript, we will post credits that were approved on your TCE form.
  2. Cost for transferring credit = $75 per term, per institution. This charge will post to your UD student account after your credits are posted.
  3. Check UDSIS to confirm that credits posted correctly
    Go to the Grades & Transcript tile, then run the Transfer Credit Report.
    If there is an issue, contact

    Grades-Transcripts tile Transfer Credit Report
  4. If you took different courses on the program (that were not reviewed/approved on your original TCE), complete an additional TCE form (Steps 2-5) to seek departmental and Asst. Dean approval.