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Parent/Guardian Secure Services

Parent/Guardian Secure Services is a web application that allows UD students to share education information with their parents and guardians. Students set parent/guardian access through UDSIS in the UD Student Homepage tile: Personal Information at the link: Manage Parent/Guardian Access.

Students indicate what specific components of education information they want to share and may change their sharing information at any time. They will also be periodically prompted to review their Parent / Guardian sharing settings before logging into UD secure applications. Please be assured that the privacy and safeguarding of student personal information is a priority for UD, and is accomplished with industry-standard security practices. UD student education records are subject to protection under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Parents who have received an invitation from their student to view information create an account. They may login at or at, under "Quick Links", clicking "MyUD", type in "Parents" in the top blue area and view Parent/Guardian Secure Services.

Parent questions regarding the information released to them should first be directed to the student.

Honors/Awards Academic view:  This view, available for sharing, will list the following Honors/Awards on a student's record as they are earned:

    • Dean's List
    • General Honors Award

Frequently Asked Questions

FOR Students

1.  When I click Manage Parent/Guardian Access in my Personal Information tile, I get the error "Access denied".

In order to login, you must have an active program in UDSIS or be attempting to login up to 30 days after a program completion, leave of absence, dismissal or suspension. Contact the Registrar's Office if you have further questions.

2.  My parent said the email link to setup his account has expired. What do I do now?

Login to UDSIS, click your Personal Information tile, and then Manage Parent/Guardian Access and resend the invitation to your parent.

3.  I want to make changes to the sharing access I specified.

In UDSIS, click your Personal Information tile, and then Manage Parent/Guardian Access. Check or uncheck the appropriate box in the My parents/guardians section or Pending invitations section to change sharing options to specific information.

4.  What is included in specifying access to My Finances?

Checking My Finances grants a parent or guardian access to billing, payment, financial aid, and 1098T tax information. After you grant access, your parent or guardian can make online payments.

5.  I do not see all my Honors/Awards.

Only those Honors/Awards listed at the top of this page will be displayed on the student's record as they are earned.

6.  I made Dean's List but it does not appear on my UD Merit Page.

Students who have set UDSIS Student Privacy Restrictions to limit information will need to specify an Exception in order to release Dean's List and/or Graduation information. See instructions.

FOR Parents

1.  My student has sent the invitation email but it has not appeared in my email INBOX.

a)  Confirm that your student has specified the email address you are checking.
b)  The Parent / Guardian emails are sent from the address . To ensure these emails are not automatically routed to your Junk Mail folder, please use your email provider's instructions to "whitelist" this address or mark it as "safe". Then, have your student resend the invitation to your email address. Contact the IT Support Center at if you have further problems.

2.  My email invitation link says it has expired. What do I do now?

Ask your UD student to resend your invitation.

3.  I completed the registration process but can't login to the Parent/Guardian Services Web site.

On the left side of the UD Central Authentication Service (CAS) screen, enter the email address that was referenced in your "Welcome to UD Parent/Guardian Services" email, along with the password you created in setting up your account.

If you forgot your password, go to and follow the instructions. Additional login help is found under the Forgot your Username or Password? link on the CAS screen.

4.  I can no longer see education information I previously could see.

Students can change sharing options at any time. Contact your student directly. University personnel are not permitted to discuss student academic information with anyone other than the student, as UD student education records are subject to protection under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

5.  I can no longer see the housing information I could previously see.

While Residence Life & Housing is processing room changes and future housing assignments, current housing information is not available. Please check back at a later date.

6.  We need a "Proof of Enrollment" for insurance. Can I print one through this system?

No. Enrollment Verifications are available to all enrolled students in their UDSIS-Student Center. (Student Directions)

7.  I have talked to my student and have further questions. Who can I contact?

Financial Questions:  Student Financial Services.
Residence Life & Housing Questions:  Residence Life & Housing or email
Technical Questions: