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Withdrawal / Leave of Absence / Taking Time Off from Studies

Students considering interrupting their enrollment at the University should contact their academic assistant dean or the Dean of Students. For more information see the following topics in the University Catalog under University Attendance Policies..(Loading...)

Leave of Absence policy FAQs

  1. Who should I contact if I need to take a medical leave of absence?

    The Office of the Dean of Students.

  2. Who should I contact once I decide I would like to take a non-medical leave of absence?

    The assistant dean of your college.

  3. When should I submit a request for a leave of absence?

    The request should be submitted during the registration period for the semester you will not be enrolled for University of Delaware classes.

  4. For how many semesters can I take a leave of absence?

    You may take two consecutive semesters but you must apply for the leave of absence each semester separately.

  5. I am an international student; may I take a leave of absence?

    You should contact the Office for International Students and Scholars due to visa implications.

  6. Are there any financial aid implications of taking a leave of absence?

    Yes, you should schedule an advising appointment with a Student Financial Services representative to discuss the impact of a leave of absence on your UD financial aid package.

  7. Can I retain my on-campus housing during an approved leave of absence?


  8. I am on academic probation; can I still take a leave of absence?


  9. Do I need to request a leave of absence for winter/summer sessions?

    No, leave of absence does not apply to special sessions.

  10. I was neither enrolled nor on a leave of absence last semester but I want to enroll for next semester. What do I do?

    You would apply for readmission. Students who qualify for readmission are not guaranteed admission to the program in which they previously matriculated.

  11. I have other questions about taking a leave of absence or withdrawing for the semester. Who should I contact?

    You should contact the assistant dean of your college.

Failure to Withdraw Officially

See Withdrawals / Return of Title IV Funds.

Students are required to adhere to the University's official withdrawal policy when terminating their enrollment prior to the end of a given term. Failure to officially withdraw will result in the cancellation of any Federal financial aid program funds previously awarded for that term. Federal regulations require that funds for ineligible recipients be returned to the financial aid program accounts. Students will be billed for semester charges.

Handouts for Title IV recipient withdrawals, explaining the policies, procedures and examples of Title IV refunds are available upon request at the Office of Student Financial Services in the Student Services Building.

Financial Aid Recipient Withdrawals -

If you are a recipient of Title IV financial aid funds**, and your enrollment terminates through official withdrawal, your financial award must be reviewed for possible adjustment.

Financial aid eligibility is based on the cost of education (tuition, mandatory fees, housing, meal plan, books, etc.) incurred for the entire semester and is contingent upon completion of that semester. When you withdraw, federal regulations mandate that any unearned aid be returned to the federal aid programs. The percent of aid earned is based on the date of withdrawal divided by the total number of days in the semester. Title IV recipients are governed by federal policy if they withdraw prior to completing 60% of the semester.

If your institutional charges are reduced or recalculated, this change may result in the reduction of recipients' other sources of financial aid.