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Change Grade/Supplemental Grade Form

This form is available in the UDSIS Faculty Center, or by accessing and selecting it from the Blanks tab. The Change of Grade - Supplemental Grade Submission form is used to change a previously reported grade, or to submit a grade for a student who is not on your grade roster.

Step 1 - Select a term

Only terms in which you have taught appear in the dropdown list.

Step 2 - Select a course

Only courses in the term you have selected appear in the dropdown list.

Step 3 - Change grade or add student(s)

To change the grade of a student on the roster:
  1. Find the student on the roster whose grade you wish to change. If the roster is long, you can use your browser's Find function to locate the name quickly (usually on the menu bar under Edit-->Find ).
  2. Choose a new grade from the grade dropdown list. See Grading Information and Details for more information.
  3. Provide a reason for the change.
  4. Click Next step

To add a student to the grade roster:
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the form to the section titled Supplemental Grade Submission.
  2. Click lookup to find a student to add to the roster. When the student is found, their name and UDID are added in the gray input boxes on the form. Click Add line.
  3. Choose a grade for that student from the grade dropdown list. You may delete this student if they were added in error.
  4. Continue by clicking lookup again to add more students. When done, click Next step.

Step 4 - Select additional copies

Add people to the routing who need to be informed of the grade change. Click Finish & Submit. Upon completion of the form, a copy is automatically sent to the student and the student's Dean's office.

If you have questions on using this form, contact the Registrar's Office at (302) 831-1552.