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Change of Catalog Year Web Form - Instructions

The catalog year (requirement term) is what determines the set of requirements to display in the student's degree audit. Curriculum can change year-to-year, and the requirement term is what ties the student to the catalog year curriculum that they are supposed to follow. Generally, this value defaults to the semester that the student entered the University, however, students are eligible for more recent catalog years if it's to their benefit and approved by their college.

The Change of Catalog Year Web Form can be accessed directly from the Advisor Center or Student Services Center in UDSIS by going to the Student Center tab. The link is in the Forms box on the right hand side.

Advisor Center Access

Access from Advisor Center

Student Services Center Access

Access from Student Services Center

Web Forms Access and Processing

You can also access the web form by logging into Click the Blanks tab and click the link for Change of Catalog Year Form.

Access from Webforms

  1. Enter the student ID number or last name. The Student field will automatically search and display options below the field. Click the correct option.
    NOTE: Sometimes the search takes a few seconds to process, so allow for that after entering information in the box.
  2. Click Next step.

    Webforms page2
  3. The table displays the career, program(s) (i.e. College), plan(s) (i.e. major/minor), and subplan(s) (i.e. concentration) for the selected student. For the requirement terms that need to be changed, select the new value(s) in the New Requirement Term column. No action is needed for requirement terms that are to remain the same.
  4. Provide any additional info, justification, or instructions in the Comments box. This is an optional field.
  5. Click Next step.

    Webforms page3
  6. The table will display the changes chosen on the previous page for confirmation.
  7. If desired, additional approvers may be added in the routing section.
  8. Once the Catalog Year/Requirement Term change is processed and the form is completed, the originator of the form and the student will receive a copy of the completed form as confirmation. An entry is also added to the student's Advisor Notes file of the completed webform and any information contained within it.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at or call (302) 831-2131.