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Release a Service Indicator / Student Hold

Service Indicators are codes assigned to students to designate them as part of a specific population. For example, the PRO service indicator, a Registration "Hold", is assigned by the Registrar's office to designate students on probation who must meet with an advisor before enrolling for an upcoming term.

Staff must have security access in UDSIS to release a specific service indicator code.

ADVISORS: How to Release a Service Indicator / Hold after meeting with the student:

  1. Login to UDSIS to access your UDSIS Faculty & Advisors Homepage.
  2. In the Advisor Center tile, click the link: Manage Service Indicators.
  3. Enter the student's UD ID or Last Name, First Name.
  4. On the screen Manage Service Indicators, the system will display the Service Indicator Summary - ie. all the codes assigned to the student.
    Click the Hold Code for which you have security to release, for example, the PRO service indicator.
    view student service indicators
  5. On the screen Edit Service Indicator, click the Release button (top right of the screen) to release this hold from the student. release student service indicators

STAFF: How to Release a Hold:

  1. Login to UDSIS
  2. Use the Navigatornavigator icon or the Classic Home tile to access: Campus Community > Service Indicators > Person > Manage Service Indicators
  3. Continue with Step 3 above.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at or call (302) 831-2131.