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Class Rosters

Check out our Faculty No-Show Notification How-To Video.

Instructors may view their class rosters in the Faculty Center tile of their Faculty & Advisors Homepage.

  1. Access UDSIS.
  2. On your Faculty & Advisors Homepage, click on the Faculty Center tile.
    A list of your courses for the current term appears. (This may take awhile depending on the amount of data.) To select a different term, click the Change Term button, select a term and click Continue.
  3. Click on the Class Roster icon Class Roster Icon next to the course you wish to view. A new screen with the roster appears.
  4. To print the roster, click on the Printer Friendly Version link at the bottom, and then print the page from your browser.
  5. To download the roster, click the Download icon Download Icon in the header bar of the roster table. If you have problems, check your browser setup concerning enabling pop-ups and trusted sites.
  6. Need help with UDSIS Faculty Center and Class Rosters?  See instructions.

Staff supporting Faculty: Use this help document to print class rosters and instructor schedules.

Credit Hours

For variable credit courses, the credit hours will be printed for all students. Credit hours will be printed for students in fixed credit courses only if the credit hours differ from the fixed hours of the course. Students who need to have their credit hours corrected can do so through UDSIS only before the Academic Penalty Deadline.

No Show Notification on Class Roster

Faculty play an important role in the University's efforts to maintain compliance under Title IV Federal Student Aid regulation 34 CFR 668.22(a). A student earns federal student aid through attendance, therefore, the institution must ensure students are actively participating in enrolled courses in order to remain compliant. Faculty are able to use the UDSIS Class Roster to identify students who have not attended class during the drop/add period. This information can be entered directly on the class roster during the two weeks immediately following the end of the drop/add period. See the step by step guide for full instructions.

Fall 2020 - No Show Notification Period: September 16th - September 30th
Winter 2021- No Show Notification Period: January 7th - January 21st
Spring 2021- No Show Notification Period: February 27th - March 13th
Summer Session I 2021 - No Show Notification Period: June 10th - June 24th
Summer Session II 2021- No Show Notification Period: July 15th - July 29th
Summer Session 10 Week 2021- No Show Notification Period: June 16th - June 30th

Students Attending Who Are Not On The Class Roster

Students attending class who are not on the class roster are not registered for the course. They must register with the instructor/department and obtain Dean's approval using the online Course Permit Form, available in the Forms tile of their UDSIS Student Homepage.

Students attending class who are registered in a different section of the same class must also correct their registration, obtaining necessary approvals, using the Course Permit Form.

If a student attending the class was on a previous roster but not on the current roster, they have most likely been canceled for non-payment of tuition by the Office of Student Financial Services. These students must work with Student Financial Services to pay their fees. Once the fees have been paid, Student Financial Services will notify the Registrar's Office. Once the Registrar's Office receives that notification, the coursework will be reinstated within 1-2 business days.

For help with the Course Permit Form instructions, click here.