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COGNOS Schedule of Classes (SOC) Reports

Fall 2022 Update:

- Cognos student data marts are currently being updated mid-morning. Users may encounter “Logon failed” errors prior to Noon.
- Data generated prior to the daily update may be two days old.

  1. The report data available here is for UD staff INTERNAL USE ONLY. It is NOT for re-distribution to any other UD department. Should you be contacted by an outside vendor for data, direct them to the Registrar's Office Reporting team.
  2. UD Staff are required to protect confidential student data. PNPI guidelines and FERPA guidelines.


Security: These reports require the COGNOS Access role: SA_SOC_USER. Use this form to request COGNOS access. (More info from UDEW).


- To access Cognos from off-campus, you must first log in to the UD VPN software.
- Since some reports are extensive, select to receive these by email.
   o Click Select a Delivery Method
   o Choose Email report.
   o In the From/To Email options window, click Attach the report and then click OK.
   o When prompted ‘Do you want to close this window?’ click OK.
- If you experience any problems,    you can run the report directly from our Cognos folder: SOC Department Contacts.


- UDSIS Glossary
- BI Data Dictionaries
- How to read TERM codes


Please contact the Registrar Scheduling office.

If the SOC Reports listed here do not provide the data you need, UD staff may submit a request for a custom report.  (Login required)

SOC Reports (requires Cognos SA_SOC_USER access)



(Enter in COGNOS window/tab)

S1. SOC-All

   >> Run Report S1

Lists all courses by term, subject & section--Active, Tentative, Stop Further Enroll, Cancelled by term. Notes are not shown.

  1. ACADEMIC_TERM: Select the Current Term. Hit OK at bottom of screen.
  2. SUBJECT: Select Course Subject Code or Select all.
  3. (Optional) SECTION: Select Section number or Select all.
  4. Click Finish.
S2. FORM: Request Specific Classroom Set-up
(PBL or Computer Lab & ADA Notification)

   >> Run S2-FORM

Creates a form for departments to complete and send to Registrar Scheduling staff to request various needs for classroom set-up.

  1. TERM: Select Academic Term and then click the Select Subject button.
  2. SUBJECT: Select the Course Subject or click Select All.
  3. Click Finish.
S3. Reserve Cap - SOC ALL w/Optional Honors Prompt

   >> Run Report S3

NOTE: The prompts on this report have been updated. You must click REPROMPT to display the subsequent prompt choices.

Provides Schedule of Class information, including class status, enrollment, reserve cap and requirement groups.

Note: Campus has been added to report.

  1. Select TERM: Choose the desired Academic Term. Then Click REPROMPT
  2. Select SUBJECT: Select the Class Subject(s) as desired. Then click REPROMPT or FINISH at the bottom of the page
  3. (Optional) Select CATALOG: Select the Catalog Number(s) as desired. Then click REPROMPT or FINISH at the bottom of the page
  4. (Optional) Select SECTION: Select the Class Section(s) as desired. Then click FINISH at the bottom of the page

NOTE: If students are not enrolled in classes, they will no longer appear on this report after the 10th day of classes (Fall/Spring) or after the Academic Penalty deadline (Winter/Summer).

S4. Instructor Schedule - teaching history - by EMPL ID #

   >> Run Report S4

Reports an Instructor's teaching schedule history, including enrollment totals and caps.

  1. Instructor ID: Enter the Employee ID.
  2. Click Finish.
S5. Final Exams Schedule - NEWARK & VIRTUAL CAMPUS - EXCEL Sortable

   >> Run Report S5

Exams scheduled for the Newark Campus.

  1. ACADEMIC_TERM: Select the Current Term. Hit OK at bottom of screen.
  2. EXAM FLAG: Select N (no) or Y (yes).
  3. (Optional) SUBJECT: Click the Select Subject button and choose a Subject or Select all .
  4. Click Finish.
S6. Enrollment & Instructor with Meeting Start/End Date
(excludes Independent Study)

   >> Run Report S6

Lists courses taught by the Instructor, except for Independent Study classes, with enrollment totals, course information and meeting start/end dates.

  1. ACADEMIC_TERM: Select the Current Term. Hit OK at bottom of screen.
  2. (Optional) COLLEGE: Select College and hit Submit OR, to continue, click Select Department .
  3. (Optional) DEPARTMENT: Select Department and hit Submit OR, to continue, click Select Subject.
  4. (Optional) SUBJECT: Select Subject and hit Submit.
S7. Enrollment - Total Credit Hours Generated per course by term

   >> Run Report S7

Shows total enrollment credit hours generated per course by term. Formula is: max credit hours (x) total number of students rolled.

  1. TERM: Select the desired Term.
  2. SUBJECT: Select Subject.
  3. Click Finish.
S9. Class Section Errors Prior to Students Registering

   >> Run Report S9

Errors Prior to Students Registering for Class

  1. ACADEMIC TERM: Select the desired Academic Term.
  2. ACADEMIC GROUP: Select College owner.
  3. (Optional) SUBJECT: Select Course Subject.
  4. (Optional) CLASS STATUS
S10. SOC - w/Notes, Ac Org, Class #, Instr. Mode & Location

   >> Run Report S10

SOC - with Notes and Class#, Instructor Mode, and Location

  1. TERM: Select the desired Academic Term.
  2. SUBJECT: Select Course Subject.
  3. (Optional) Section: Select Course Section(s).
S11. SOC - Class Essentials

   >> Run Report S11

SOC - Class Essentials

  1. TERM: Select the desired Academic Term.
  2. SUBJECT: Select Course Subject.
  3. (Optional) Section: Select Course Section(s).
S12. SOC - RESERVE CAP Number with Description

   >> Run Report S12*

*Note: Descriptions may not accurately reflect what is in UDSIS at this time.

A listing of all reserve cap requirement numbers and reserve cap requirement group descriptions for staff to review before requesting new reserve cap requirement groups.

No prompts
S13. SOC - When was a Course Last Offered?

   >> Run Report S13-Sbj
     (by Subject Area)

   >> Run Report S13-Crs
     (by Course ID#)

Class detail information regarding when a course was last offered. The report may be run either by providing a Subject Area or a Course ID#.

Version 1: SUBJECT: Select Course Subject.

Version 2: COURSE ID#: 6 digit Course ID# available in UDSIS at >Currirulum Management > Course Catalog > Course Catalog.

S14. SOC - Automated Waitlist Job Errors

   >> Run Report S14

Automated Waitlist Job Errors.

  1. COURSE TERM: Select 1 TERM that the course was taken.
  2. SUBJECT: Select 1 Course Subject and Select REPROMPT.
  3. CATALOG NUMBER: Select Catalog Number and Select REPROMPT.
  4. (Optional) Section Number: Select Course Section(s).
For Enrollment, Advisement and Graduation reports, click here.
(Requires Cognos SA_SR_USER access)