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Curriculog - Curriculum Management Overview

Here is the Course Inventory for the Academic Year:
     Course Inventory 2023-2024. (Note: clicking on link downloads an Excel file)

Course Inventory Archive:
     Course Inventory 2022-2023. (Note: clicking on link downloads an Excel file)
     Course Inventory 2021-2022. (Note: clicking on link downloads an Excel file)
     Course Inventory 2020-2021. (Note: clicking on link downloads an Excel file)

Faculty and staff who have a user account in Curriculog will be able to launch curricular proposals, monitor their proposals through the approval process, and see decisions. The system also allows guests (anyone who is not assigned a role or granted access to originate proposals) to view all ongoing proposals.

Utilize the Quick Links to navigate through the tutorial and support documentation for Curriculog. Help documentation is available through Curriculog University, Modern Campus’ training and support environment, which can also be utilized to supplement or directly answer any questions or issues you may experience using the software. Users will need to create an account through Curriculog University to access resources. The University of Delaware does not own Curriculog, therefore any information regarding functionality and processes are behind a CAS firewall and it is not appropriate to disseminate this information to anyone or any entity outside of the University.

Accessing the System

Curriculog can be found at, and is behind a CAS firewall. If you are a new member of the process and need credentials to launch forms or participate in the approval process, please have your department chair or committee chair or if you already have access to originate forms in the system and need to update your role(s), email If you have any questions, please contact the system administrators at

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