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Course Section Numbering - General Guidelines

Academic departments schedule their own courses and are provided the guidelines below, In some cases, they use differing section number combinations. Some departments allow students to select their own combinations of lecture/lab/discussion, while most use the numbering noted here to tie course components together.

If you have questions about a specific course, contact the Offering Department. See Courses Search for information regarding section meeting locations and restrictions. General questions/comments about section numbers can be sent to




010's 020L - 029L 020D - 029D
011's 030L - 039L 030D - 039D
012's 040L - 049L 040D - 049D
013's 050L - 059L 050D - 059D
014's 060L - 069L 060D - 069D
015's 070L - 079L 070D - 079D
016's 100L - 109L 100D - 109D
017's 110L - 119L 110D - 119D
018's 120L 120D
019's 130L 130D
050's - Newark Evening Courses
061,062,063 - Winter 4-week session courses
Special / Experimental More info:  Offering Department
X66 - Special Problems-Independent Study
X67 - Experimental


Sections requiring Special Permission to Register

Special permissions are needed to register for the sections below. Click the applicable links for more information, or see your academic advisor. Additional section numbers are sometimes used for special programs.


Special Use

More Info

000-009 Independent Study Independent Study / DLE Form-FAQs
030's Summer EDGE Program The Edge Pre-College Experience
070's Study Abroad Institute for Global Studies
075-077 Study Abroad UD in DC Fall study abroad/travel sections
080's Honors Honors Program
090's Honors Independent Study Contracts Honors Program
150-159 PCS - on-line courses
Even#-residents, Odd#- non-residents
Professional and Continuing Studies
169 Credit by Exam  
171-177 PCS-Contract Courses Professional and Continuing Studies
190-195 PCS - on-line courses
Even#- residents, Odd# - non-residents
Professional and Continuing Studies
197-199 MBA On-line UD's Online MBA
210-222 PCS-Contract Courses Professional and Continuing Studies
290-292 MBA program Contract courses UD's Online MBA
300+ Associate in Arts Program - Kent County/Dover Associate in Arts Program
500+ Associate in Arts Program - Georgetown Campus Associate in Arts Program
610 Wiley Online program- Session A Online M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership
650 Wiley Online program- Session B Online M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership
620 All Other Session A Courses  
660 All Other Session B Courses  
700+ Associate in Arts Program - Wilmington Campus Associate in Arts Program