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When can I register?

The Academic Calendar (see section on the left) lists all important dates regarding class registration.

Registration for the Fall, Winter Session and Spring terms occur at scheduled times:

    • Early Registration   (by appointment):
      Degree-seeking students receive Registration Appointments approximately 10 days before registration begins. The appointment day/time signals when you may FIRST BEGIN registration for the term. Students can continue to revise their class schedules through the end of the free drop/add period without charge or penalty.
    • Open Enrollment -   called the Free Drop/Add period:
      This period follows appointment dates and runs through the Tenth Day of Spring and Fall semesters or the Fourth Day of Winter or Summer.
      Students can make changes to their class schedules during this time without charge or penalty.
      Professional & Continuing Education registration begins.
    • Day following end of Free Drop/Add through the Registration Change Deadline (11th week of the semester):
      During this time, class withdrawals incur a processing fee, a grade of "W" on the student's record and tuition is charged (no refunds).
    • After the Registration Change Deadline, class withdrawals must be approved by your Student Services Assistant Dean's Office.

Summer Session registration does not require appointments. Open Registration begins in early April.

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