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The Office of the Registrar is on campus with a select team of staff to assist students and the University community while also continuing to provide services remotely

Subject Area Contact Phone
Area Code: (302)
Academic Calendar Online Questions about publication - 831-2727 Questions about academic deadlines:
Academic Catalog Online
Academic Common Market Carolyn Quinci
Academic Dishonesty Grading and Registration 831-2122
Academic Renewal Processing StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Address Change UDSIS Personal Information tile 831-2131
Advisor Assignment Issues in UDSIS - Student Questions StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Advisor Assignment Issues in UDSIS - Faculty/Staff Only   831-1280
Advising Views / Advisor Notes - Access/Problems/Training   831-1280
Change Graduation Term (Graduate students) Graduate Studies 831-6824  
Change Graduation Term (Undergraduates) Webform    
Change of Major/ Minor/ Concentration (Undergraduates) Webform  
Classroom Maintenance Concerns Facilities: Repair Request 831-1141  
Classroom Requests - all other Scheduling Office 831-2114
Classroom Requests - for course/term   831-2114
Committee on Undergrad Records & Certification (CURC) StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Common Exams (Out of Class Exams) Scheduling Office
Computer Lab Reservations Online form    
Curriculum and Course Approval Process Online
Course Descriptions Request Online
Megan Ward
Course Overload StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Course/Class Registration Information Online
Course/Class Registration Questions/Problems Online
Course Scheduling or Cancellation Scheduling Office
Course Substitution Webform Processing: Faculty/Staff Only Dan Reidinger 831-8928
Course Titling Webform
Credit by Exam (University Course) StuServ/Asst Dean's Office
Academic Department
Dean's List John B. Yoo
Degree Audit & What-If Audit Reports: Student Questions StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Degree Audit & What-If Audit Reports: Faculty/Staff Only Dan Reidinger 831-8928
Diploma Order / Replacement Online form
DSS Accommodations for Faculty/Staff/Students Scheduling Office 831-2114
Duplicate IDs Patty Brown 831-2727
Emergency Contact Information UDSIS Personal Information tile
Enrollment Verification UDSIS Courses & Enrollment tile 831-2131
Exams - Scheduling, Rooms, Questions Scheduling Office 831-2114
Exemptions (ENGL, MATH, Languages) StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Fax numbers   831-3005
Grade Changes, Problems, Extensions, Questions Online 831-2122
Graduation Questions - Academic Honors Online
HR/employee Questions Patty Brown 831-2727
Leave of Absence StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Leave of Absence Webform Processing Grading and Registration 831-2122
Loan Deferment Letters- Verifying current enrollment Online
Name Change Online
Megan Ward
NCAA eligibility John B Yoo 831-1280
Readmission Application Online Form 831-2122
Registration Books & information Online 831-2122
Registration Questions / WebReg problems Grading and Registration 831-2122
Reporting: Registrar's Office Standard Reports Student data reports
SOC reports
Reporting: UDSIS Data requests Online form 831-1280
Residency Lexie Samick
Theresa Coulter-Thurley
Social Security Number Change/Problems Megan Ward 831-2131
Standardized Tests - eg. GRE, PRAXIS, MCAT, LSAT, TOEFL   831-6717
Test Credits (AP/IB, CAPE, etc.) Transfer Credit Office 831-1551
Transcripts - Official UDSIS Grades & Transcripts tile 831-2131
Transcripts - Unofficial UDSIS Grades & Transcripts tile 831-2131
Transfer Credits - Domestic Credits Transfer Credit Office 831-1551
Transfer Credits - International Credits Diane Henker 831-1551
Transfer Credit Matrix Transfer Credit Office 831-1551
UDSIS Access/Security / Training Online form
Veterans Educational Benefits Students Veterans Website 831-0552
Webform Access Changes Online form
Website changes- Registrar site John B Yoo 831-1280
Withdrawal Questions StuServ/Asst Dean's Office    
Withdrawal Webform Processing Degree Programs and Conferral 831-2122