Monet's Japanese bridge in the garden at Giverny, June, 1997.  Other portrayals of the bridge, by Monet, can be accessed below in the Miscellany section.

PSYC 444 - Spring 2003; 108B Wolf, T,Th 11-12:15  John P. McLaughlin    831-2752, Office: 109 Wolf Hall


Readings in the semester will be from (1) a text: Solso, R.L. (1994) Cognition and the Visual Arts, Cambridge, MA and (2) selected articles that will be on regular and electronic reserve in Morris Library. The electronic versions can be downloaded via Netscape and the Library will provide a set of instructions for doing this. Click here to view the articles . Please note that the articles are available on the library's server only during those semesters in which the course is actually taught. A few additional pieces by me will also be available from this page in the Readings section. In the syllabus, articles are indicated with the senior author's name and chapters from Solso by chapter numbers.

There will be two essay exams, each of which will contribute a quarter of your total grade. Another quarter will be determined by your in-class participation. The remaining quarter will come from a 3-4K-word term-paper and a short in-class talk based on your paper.  I will post material, e.g., study guides, to this page. They will be found below in the Readings section.

Another view in Monet's gardens. June 1997.

Museum Web Pages. Click on the museum of your choice in the list below to see what displays it is offering. The first three entries are virtual museums containing very large collections of images.

 Web Museum

 Mark Harden's Artchive

 Olga's Gallery

 Web Gallery of Art

 Museum of Modern Art

 Musee d'Orsay

 National Gallery of Art

 National Museum of American Art

 The Prado

 Philadelphia Museum of Art

 Metropolitan Museum of Art

 National Portrait Gallery, London

 Hermitage Museum

 Tate Gallery

 Kyoto national Museum

 Whitney Museum

 On-line Art Museum: see Van Gogh's Van Goghs; The Whitney's American Century

 Impressionist artists


Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris


 Hemispheric effects

 Gestalt psychology

 Eye and op-art. Some illustrations are not yet available
      Diagram of the cellular anatomy of the retina
      Diagram of the retina-geniculate-cortex connections

  Midterm study guide

  Final-exam study guide

Medieval stained glass. Sainte-Chappelle, Paris, 1997.


    1.- Manet's Olympia. Musee d'Orsay, Paris.

Click here to enlarge  Olympia

2. Van Gogh's Wheat Field Under Threatening Skies. Vincent van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Click here to enlarge

3. Goya's May 3,1808. Museo del Prado, Madrid

 Click here to enlarge

4. DaVinci's The Last Supper.Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Refectory), Milan.

 Click here to enlarge

5. Duchamps' Nude Descending a Staircase. Philadelphia Museum of Art, copyright ARS,NY.

 Click here to enlarge

 Click here for X.J. Kennedy's poem.

6. Vasarely's Arcturus 2. Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C.



 How many faces are there in this picture?

 Perception and repetition of forms in composition

 The faces of divisionism.

 Literature and Cognitive Science

 Literature and psychoanalysis

 Fibonacci and the golden ratio

A Web Site that provides details on the work, The Painter's Eye. Click here.

 A photo of Monet on his bridge. New York Times Photo Archive

  Two views of Monet's Japanese bridge. One was done early in his time in Giverny, while the other was done when his cataracts were advanced.

   Two paintings by Monet of the garden and house at Giverny. One was done using the eye from which a cataract was removed. The other was done using the eye that still had a cataract.

  An intimate view of a gallery opening .

Harry Clarke's Geneva Window.

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