Employee Reimbursements to UD

A NEW Cashnet form for Concur-related reimbursements owed to UD is now available. This form allows employees to reimburse UD for personal expenses they charged to their pro cards in error. Employees can now pay online via ACH using their banking information instead of submitting a cash transmittal webform with a check or cash. Please remember that erroneous personal pro card charges must be allocated to account code L1NDTE and making timely reimbursements to UD will prevent processing delays with future expense reports. - October 13, 2022

Introducing Drum Cussac and GeoBlue:UD is partnering with Drum Cussac and GeoBlue to ensure your safety and security while travelling on UD affiliated business.

  • Drum Cussac - UD's travel risk provider both domestically and internationally. [Expand]
    • This partnership will provide safety and security intelligence prior to travel departure and alerts of emerging risks for the duration of your trip, in addition to granting the ability for 2-way communication in the event of an emergency via their mobile app. Should a situation arise that warrants evacuation of the area from where you have traveled, Drum Cussac will also provide extraction services.

  • GeoBlue is providing our campus community with international medical insurance coverage. [Expand]
    • With more than 20 years’ experience simplifying the international healthcare experience for students, faculty and staff, GeoBlue, a BlueCross BlueShield Company, has a significant provider network in over 190 countries, and all major cities, as well as many remote regions, representing over 120 medical specialties. Support for services is available 24/7, by phone, web, or mobile app. International medical coverage through GeoBlue is provided to our campus community with a $0 deductible.
  • Please go to the UD Office of Risk Management site to learn more about these services.

  • Online Booking Fees - There will no longer be any online booking fees when travel is booked with World Travel Inc. via Concur.

    AirBnB Airbnb for Work is now available through Concur!

    Airbnb properties will now be listed and included in the hotel search in Concur/World Travel Inc.

    Note: World Travel Inc. cannot support any bookings made with Airbnb. Airbnb is separate from regular hotel inventory and is its own entity. Any discrepancies with Airbnb bookings or stays will require the traveler to communicate directly with the property host. Read rules and cancelation policies carefully.

  • The following guidelines will apply: [Expand]
    • The stated maximum occupancy on the Airbnb listing cannot be exceeded.
    • Bookings must be exclusive to the UD business traveler(s) – meaning no cohabitation with owners or other non-UD renters at the property (i.e. no “shared house” accommodations should be booked).
    • No private pool on the property if it is a residence. Community pools such as those in condo/apartment complexes are acceptable.

  • Booking: [Expand]
    • When the lodging inventory populates in your search in Concur/World Travel, click the View Details button for the property you have interest; general information about the property will show.
    • Click Book on Airbnb - you will be taken to the Airbnb portal.
    • If you do not have an Airbnb account, you will be prompted to create one; use your @udel email address.

    Travel Booking Updates, Tips and Reminders

  • Concur Profile Information: [Expand]
    • Double check your profile information; the slightest mistake will prohibit a successful booking. You may get an error message indicating something is off in your profile. (Sorry, something went wrong……) Go back to your profile and review everything, even punctuation/capitalization. If you’re still experiencing an issue, contact the World Travel online travel support: or call 1(800) 221-4730.

  • Request: [Expand]
    • Complete and submit Request including estimated costs in the Segments tab* (air, hotel, car rental). Travel booking can begin as soon as Request is submitted.
    • *Expenses Tab – if your department requires more detail on travel costs, (i.e. ground transportation, per diem) after completing the Segments estimations, click on the Expenses tab. Either begin typing the word in the blank Expense Type box, (i.e. Ground ) or click on the expense type, fill in (red) required boxes, Save. These expenses will become part of the total expenses for your Supervisor and COA to view and approve.
    • Request not needed for mileage only, ground transportation only travel; only for bundled travel with airfare, hotel, etc.
    • Group Travel Requests – One Request may be submitted for travel for a group. In the required fields (red bar) of the Request, click Group Travel in the Traveler Type field. You may add comments in the Comments box and if you have pertinent docs (i.e. a spreadsheet with a list of all travelers, explaining the purpose of the trip, etc.) you may add as an attachment to the Request. The estimated costs in the Segments tab should show the total estimated cost for each segment (air, hotel).

  • Contacting World Travel Agents or Online Help: [Expand]
    • When to contact an Agent:
      • Dedicated World Travel Agents to UD are available to answer any questions you have regarding flights, hotels and car rentals (availability, rates, etc). There is no fee to ask questions. However, if the Agent books travel for you, you will incur the Agent Assisted fee of $30. Online bookings done by the traveler/Arranger incur only an $8 fee
      • To call an Agent: 1(855) 215-8312
      • To Live Chat: Click Read More in the Company Notes portion of the homepage, scroll to the bottom and click Live Chat
    • When to contact the World Travel Online Travel Support:
      • If you are booking travel online and receive an error message, i.e. We’re Sorry…. we encountered an issue… you can contact the World Travel online help desk:
      • To call Online Travel Support: 1(800) 221-4730
      • To email Online Travel Support:
      • To Life Chat: The Life Chat button Live Chatwill appear at the top right of the flight inventory.
      • Note: When booking online and you reach the Trip Booking Information, if you put any information in the Comments for the Travel Agent box, you WILL incur the Agent Assisted booking fee of $30 rather than the online booking fee of $8. If you need to ask a question while booking online, contact World Travel Online Travel Support explained above.


  • Non-Refundable and Non-Changeable Bookings: [Expand]
    • We realize (and caution) when booking any non-refundable flight, however, when a non-changeable flight is booked through World Travel, as a courtesy and prior to fulfilling the ticket, they may contact the traveler/Arranger to ensure the traveler/Arranger knows the ticket will be a total loss (no credit at all) if the traveler needs to make any changes; time and/or date, etc.
      • Non-Refundable – If for any reason the traveler needs to change or cancel the travel, they can do so, however, most airlines charge a fee of approximately $200. Any amount left after the fee is deducted, can be credited to the traveler for up to one year. The traveler/arranger will get notification 90, 60 and 30 days from the date the credit will expire
      • Non-Changeable - If a traveler books a non-changeable ticket and later needs to make any changes, (time and/or date, etc.), the ticket will become a total loss and no credit issued.

  • Personal Travel and TripIt: [Expand]
    • If the vendor is a TripLink partner and if a user has TripIt Pro and has enabled My Travel Network anything booked on a partner vendor website directly will automatically flow into their Trip Library in Concur unless they mark the trip as Personal when booking it on the website directly.
    • If a personal expense flows into your Available Expenses, just click on that line item and click Delete in the upper right of the Expenses. This will only delete the expense from your UD business expenses, but will not delete the charge itself or travel booked.