Procurement Policies

This is a list of the University Policies and Procedures specific to Procurement Services. These policies are maintained by the Office of the Executive Vice President and University Treasurer. The number in parentheses is the policy number assigned in the Policies and Procedures Manual.


University Procurement (5-01)
University Credit Card (5-22)
Purchase of Used Equipment and Material (5-02)
Purchase or Lease of Copying Machines (5-17)
Purchase and Safe Use of Refrigeration Units (7-14)
Institutional Memberships in Professional Associations (1-03)
Engagement of Consultants (4-27)
Gratuities, Solicitation and Salespersons (4-17)
Sales and Solicitations on Campus (2-21)

Travel, Entertaining and Reimbursement

University Travel Policy (3-07)
Travel Expenses for Visiting Faculty Teaching in Summer and Winter Sessions (3-09)
Travel Expenses for Winter/Summer Teaching Off Campus (3-10)
Travel Reimbursement Policy for Students Representing Recognized Student Organizations (3-14)
Policy on Gifts/Mementos to External Parties (3-23)
University 12 to 15-Passenger/Extended Van Utillization (7-47)

Moving and Recruitment

Relocation Allowance for New Faculty and Professional Members (3-11)


Class I Movable Equipment (5-10)
Equipment Screening Policy (5-21)
Interdepartmental Equipment Transfer (5-18)
Off-Campus Use of University Property by University Personnel (2-09)
Loan of University Property (5-04)
Procedure for Control of Government Owned Property (5-03)
Transfer of Equipment Purchased on Research and Training Contracts and Grants (6-08)
Use and Disposal of University Equipment and Material (5-06)


Authority to Sign Financial Documents (Table of Authority) (3-04)
Petty Cash Funds (3-05)