Procurement and Contracting Advisory Initiative - Subcommittees

Policy & Procedure Subcommittee

Kawkab Rasheed, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Sharmayne Burns, College of Earth Ocean & Environment
Mark Heissenbuttel, Institute of Global Studies
Maria Poole, Lerner College of Business & Economics
Mike Woodin, Facilities Real Estate and Auxiliary Services
Dee Smith, College of Arts & Sciences
Kim McDade, Athletics & Recreation

Faculty Subcommittee

Faculty Subcommittee Volunteers

Robert Opilia, Materials Science
Chris Williams, Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Art Trembanis, Marine Science and Policy
Heidi Sarver, Music
Paul Head, Music

Research Faculty

Anshuman Razdan, Physical Therapy
Kelvin Lee, Sociology
Steven Stanhope, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology
Tricia Wachtendorf, Sociology
Stuart Binder-Macleod, Physical Therapy

Design and Build Subcommittee

TBD, Controllers Office
TBD, Human Resources
TBD, Information Technology
TBD, Academic Department Representation
TBD, Administrative Representation