Accounts Payable FAQs
Why has an invoice payment been placed on hold with a comment referencing an "ACH Exception"? [Expand]
In some cases, Procurement must validate new or updated banking information provided by a supplier before a payment can be released. This is a measure to mitigate fraud and ensure that accurate banking information is being used. There is no further action required by the departmental end user. The process is internal to Procurement, and involves independent verification of the information at our discretion. UD departments should not reach out to their supplier contact in an attempt to provide assistance in resolving the matter, as it interferes with the independent verification process. If ACH payment information is unable to be successfully verified within 14 days, the payment method may be converted to a physical check payment to avoid further disbursement delays.
How can I check on a payment made against a Purchase Order? [Expand]
For legacy webform purchase orders, UD staff and faculty with access to the originating webform can access Payment Activity to look up payment status.
For UD Exchange purchase orders, UD staff and faculty with access to the transactions can look at the Vouchers tab of the Purchase Order to see payment status on Vouchers.
Currently, suppliers cannot check on payment status. However, we have plans to open our JAGGAER supplier portal this fall so that suppliers who receive a purchase order through JAGGAER/UD Exchange can log in, view purchase orders, enter their own invoices, and check payment status. We will post more information on our home page when that is available.
I faxed an invoice to Procurement last week, but it has not been paid. What is causing the delay? [Expand]
Procurement does not accept faxed or photocopied invoices. Attach a scanned copy to the appropriate requisition. If it is a PO invoice, indicate the PO# on the invoice and email it to
Is there anything that can be done to speed up the processing of an invoice? [Expand]
UD Exchange is designed to speed processing of invoices. Please be sure that the invoice has all the required elements, including the PO number, when submitted to Accounts Payable. In situations when a purchase order is not required, such as a Non-PO Payment, please be sure to complete the form accurately, using the correct codes, as soon as possible after receiving the invoice. For foreign payments, please provide as much lead time as possible as these are made through a bank wire with Treasury and the final step is updating the voucher you will see in UD Exchange (or Payment Activity for legacy webforms).
What can delay the payment of an invoice? [Expand]
An invoice that is billing someone other than the University of Delaware (e.g. it's billing an individual department) can cause a delay as can an invoice that doesn't have the Req. number (or P.O. number) printed on it. Any changes to the supplier record, especially banking information, will delay payment while the changes are verified and processed by our supplier team. Invoices that are missing key information such as an invoice number or invoice date, or currency if not US-based, will also delay payment. Invoices sent anywhere except will be delayed until received and processed in that emailbox.
I have an invoice that needs to be paid, but the vendor is not in the vendor database. How can I expedite payment? [Expand]
The fastest way to get them paid is to pay by credit card if you have one and it is under your limit; however, please note that purchase orders are required for all services engagements. If you need Accounts Payable to process payment, the supplier must complete an online W-9 to be processed by the supplier team and entered into our systems before a requisition can be begun. Note that we do verify banking information for new payees, so the fastest form of payment is check.
I'm going to be paying one vendor multiple times during this fiscal year. Do I have to submit a separate Req. each time? [Expand]
No. In fact, when you know ahead of time that you'll be paying the same vendor multiple times within the same fiscal year, it's preferable to set up a blanket purchase order. Create the requisition for the total amount and check the multi-invoice/payment box in UD Exchange. More information about this is available in the ConnectingU training for Non-Catalog Purchases. A purchase order is always required when we are buying goods and services, regardless of dollar amount. The only types of payments we can make without a purchase order are detailed on the NPOP Matrix.
I received a 1099. What is it for? [Expand]
The University generates 1099 forms to report non-wage payments as required by The Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These are typically for awards or honoraria, speakers or lecturers, performances, rentals, or other services.
When are 1099s mailed? [Expand]
Procurement mails all 1099 forms by the end of January each year.
I am a student, and I just got an email informing me of a deposit into my account. The reason given was 'Student Refund.' Can you tell me what this is for? [Expand]
Contact Student Services at 831-2126.
I submitted a Vendor Payment Request, but the invoice has not yet been paid. Should I call Procurement? [Expand]
Check Payment Activity to see if the payment is scheduled. If it has not been scheduled, check the webform to see where it is in the chain of approvals and whether it has reached the Procurement office. Please note that this webform has been turned off for departments fully deployed in UD Exchange.
Do I still have to put the social security number on the Payment to Individual Form? [Expand]
The social security number should be entered on a Payment to Individual webform ONLY for Human Subject Participants. Please see the Payment to Individual guide for how to complete this form for different types of payments.
Who is responsible for collecting the W-9 from the vendor? Is it the department or is it Procurement? [Expand]
This is a shared responsibility. The W-9 is required in order to get the vendor set up in the system, so it really becomes a question of who can get the W-9 faster, thus expediting the process. Often it's the department that has a working relationship with the vendor and can easily ask them to complete a W-9.