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What is Payer Direct Hub via Bora Payment Systems? [Expand]
Payer Direct Hub, popularly known as PDH, is a University buyer initiated payment program. Bora Payment Systems is the University of Delaware's chosen vendor to process PDH payments. The payments are made by through Bora Payment Systems to the vendor on a University Credit Card. To participate in the PDH payment system with the University of Delaware, the vendor needs to accept credit card payments and be registered with Bora Payment Systems. There is no additional cost for using Bora Payment Systems. The invoice is sent to by the vendor. After the invoice is processed, The University initiates an automated request to Bora Payment Systems to make payment to the vendor. Once the payment is submitted, an email notification is sent to the vendor with payment details. The payment is processed and funds are deposited in the vendor's bank account (the vendor's bank account information is collected by Bora during the registration process).
How can I check on a payment made against a Purchase Order? [Expand]
You can use Payment Activity to see the payments made against a particular P.O.
I faxed an invoice to Procurement last week, but it has not been paid. What is causing the delay? [Expand]
Procurement does not accept faxed or photocopied invoices. Attach a scanned copy to the appropriate webform. If it is a PO invoice, indicate the PO# on the invoice and email it to
Is there anything that can be done to speed up the processing of an invoice? [Expand]
Be sure to use the Vendor Short Name if there is one. This can be found by using the Vendor Lookup feature on the 'Specify a suggested vendor' section of your requisition. Due to naming conventions, some vendors are harder to locate than others. If you know the vendor has been paid through Procurement but are unable to locate them using the Lookup, call us and we will help you find them.
What can delay the payment of an invoice? [Expand]
In the case of a new vendor (new = not already in the system), the department should be asking the vendor to submit an online W-9. All PO invoices should be emailed to If a PO invoice is sent directly to the UD department, forward the invoice with the PO# to the AP mailbox. An invoice that is billing someone other than the University of Delaware (e.g. it's billing an individual department) can cause a delay as can an invoice that doesn't have the Req. number (or P.O. number) printed on it.
I have an invoice that needs to be paid, but the vendor is not in the vendor database. How can I expedite payment? [Expand]
Have the vendor complete an online W-9 so that we can get them into the database. Once they are in the system, you can do the requisition to pay the invoice.
I'm going to be paying one vendor multiple times during this fiscal year. Do I have to submit a separate Req. each time? [Expand]
No. In fact, when you know ahead of time that you'll be paying the same vendor multiple times within the same fiscal year, it's preferable to set up a blanket P.O. Just make the Req. for the total amount and note in the comments section that it's for a blanket P.O. If you have any questions about how to do this, contact the Procurement buyer assigned to your department (see Procurement's buyer chart for buyer assignments). An additional benefit of setting up a blanket P.O. is the ability to track payments using Payment Activity.
I received a 1099. What is it for? [Expand]
The University generates 1099 forms to report non-wage payments as required by The Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These are typically for awards or honoraria, speakers or lecturers, performances, rentals, or other services.
When are 1099s mailed? [Expand]
Procurement mails all 1099 forms by the end of January each year.
What are your preferred payment methods? [Expand]
Our preferred payment methods are the following (in order of preference):
  1. UD Credit Card
  2. PDH - Bora
  3. Direct Deposit (ACH) to any U.S. bank account
  4. Wire (option for payment to foreign vendors only).
I am a student, and I just got an email informing me of a deposit into my account. The reason given was 'Student Refund.' Can you tell me what this is for? [Expand]
Contact Student Services at 831-2126.
I submitted a Vendor Payment Request, but the invoice has not yet been paid. Should I call Procurement? [Expand]
Check Payment Activity to see if the payment is scheduled. If it has not been scheduled, check the webform to see where it is in the chain of approvals and whether it has reached the Procurement office.
What determines the length of time needed to pay a vendor using a Vendor Payment Request web form? [Expand]
There are a number of factors which can affect the amount of time involved:
  1. how long it takes the requisition to clear the chain of approvals
  2. how long it takes for the original invoice to arrive in Procurement Services
  3. whether the vendor already exists within our vendor database (if not, the vendor needs to complete a W-9 form)
  4. some invoices may require additional approvals due to dollar amount or P.O. status
Do I still have to put the social security number on the Payment to Individual Form? [Expand]
Yes, you must include it in the designated Tax ID field. For security purposes, do not add the social security number, Tax ID, or other personally identifiable information (PII) anywhere else on the form. The Tax ID field and the attachments are encrypted; the rest of the form is not.
Who is responsible for collecting the W-9 from the vendor? Is it the department or is it Procurement? [Expand]
This is a shared responsibility. The W-9 is required in order to get the vendor set up in the system, so it really becomes a question of who can get the W-9 faster, thus expediting the process. Often it's the department that has a working relationship with the vendor and can easily ask them to complete a W-9.
May I black out the social security numbers/tax IDs on webform attachments? [Expand]
It's not necessary for data security since all webform attachments are encrypted. Procurement uses this information for verification, so please don't black it out.
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