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Concur Liaisons
Group Department Liaison(s)
Office of the President Strategic Planning & Analysis Concur Core Team
  Office of Equity and Inclusion Concur Core Team
  VP and General Counsel Concur Core Team
  Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness Kristen Baustert
  Vice President and University Secretary's office Concur Core Team
  University Archives & Records Management Ian Janssen, Diana DeLuca
Office of Provost Chief of Staff Katie Holden, Cindi Munyan
  Enrollment Management - Admissions Krystal Santos
Doug Zander
Patricia Gerhart
Sara Leininger
Julie Keddell
Teresa Clark
Zanieca Scott
  Enrollment Management - Registrar's Office Patty Brown
  Enrollment Management - Student Financial Services Sarah Ashley
  Enrollment Management - Office of the VP Sarah Hedrick
  Graduate & Professional Education Cindy King, Cindy Rechsteiner
  Professional and Continuing Studies Sue Castelli, Cindy Rechsteiner
  Vice Provost for Diversity Dana Perry
Office of the Deputy Provost Center for Health Professions Laura Pawlowski
  Deputy Provost Lisa Huber
  Faculty Senate Karren Helsel Spry
  FYS Program Michele Shumate
  Honors Program Julie Qiu
  Horn Program Chen (Carrie) Fang
  McNair Program Mary Ann Null
  Office of Academic Enrichment Sharon Mouton
  Office of Educational Assessment Marcia Hartline
  OISS Crystal Coleman
  Undergraduate Research Mary Ann Null
  University Studies Karen Seymour
Executive Vice President and Treasurer Finance Augie Maurelli
  Budget Lionel Gilibert
  Information Technologies -VP Joy Jordan
  Information Technologies-SO, MIS, WD Marilis Cruz
  Information Technologies-NSS Karen May, Janice McFarland
  Information Technologies-ATS, UMS Joan Higgins
  Information Technologies-CSS Nora Wallace
  Economic Innovation and Partnerships Stephanie O'Leary, Amalea Rassias
  Audit Andre McMillan
  Investments Chris Leroy
  Public Safety Chrissy Ljuba
  Police Susan Oliver
  Environmental Health & Safety Sandi Quirk, Geri Foster
  Human Resources Abbi Pyle, Kierston Grassi
Athletics Athletics and Recreation Services Jaime Seguin
Scott Eatough
Lisa Bishop
Pam Rash
Diana Woodring
Sally Pruett
Andrea Alesi
Susan Morris
Mark Bennett
Dana Griskowitz
Jude Moser
Development Development & Alumni Relations Traci Peterson
Cheryl Rodriguez
Cindy Adkins
Dana Albrecht
Kathy Rumford
Eileen Peters
Alison McCluskey
Desiree Alexander
Communications and Marketing Office of Communications & Marketing Judy Allarey, Shelly Lasko
Research Research Devora Frisby, Missy Keane
  Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation Stephanie Solomon
  Data Science Institute Devora Frisby
  Delaware Biotechnology Institute Adele Paoli
  Delaware Environmental Institute Amy Slocum
  Delaware Rehabilitation Institute Marlo Goss
  Intellectual Property Center Amalea Rassias
  Institute of Energy Conversion Amy Slocum, Sharon Stewart
  NIIMBL Marta Rosario, Sunni Jones, Stacey Moyers
  Office of Economic Innovation & Partnerships Amalea Rassias, Stephanie O'Leary
  Office of Laboratory Animal Medicine Gwen Talham
  RAPID Stephanie Solomon
  Small Business Development Center Amalea Rassias
  UD Energy Institute Stephanie Solomon, Alena Kananenka
  UD Nanofabrication Facility Cory Pfeffer
Student Life Student Life Laura Gleason
  Career Services Center Debbie Rhodunda
  Center for Black Culture Sharon Warren
  Center for Counseling and Student Development Kathleen Turner
  Dean of Students Laura Gleason

Disability Support Services
Meg Hall
  Fraternity & Sorority Leadership & Learning Katie Gibson
  Orientation & Transition Programs Sherrylynn Pitts
  Office of Student Conduct Holli Harvey-Dudlek
  Residence Life & Housing Dani Whitaker
  Student Diversity and Inclusion Laura Gleason
  Student Health Services Stephen Grasson, Linda Stacy, Allison Conner
  Student Services for Athletes Judy Bachman
  Student Wellness and Health Promotion Jodi Drake
  University Student Centers Lori Hill, Sandi Wheeler
Library & Museums
Library Doris Miklitz

Peggy Douglas
Academic - CANR Dean's Office Kawkab Rasheed, Melissa Bundy
  Applied Economics and Statistics Tina Kosinski
  Animal and Food Sciences Sheila Boulden (backup: Anita Stofa)
  Entomology and Wildlife Ecology Brooke Uhde
  Plant and Soil Science Tracy McMullen
  Cooperative Extension Alison Brayfield
  Carvel Research and Education Center Cathy van Sciver, Karen Adams, Lisa Collins
  Farm and UDairy Creamery Susan Davis
Academic - CEOE Dean's Office Breanna Phulesar
  Deputy Dean Aundrea DeVuono-Young
  Delaware Geological Survey Denise Heldorfer
  Geography Sandy Raymond
  Geological Sciences Robin Harbaugh
  School of Marine Science and Policy Sharon Weigner
Academic - COE College-Wide Anita Brown
Brenda Jackson
Tonya Guy-Cardwell
Deirdre Martin
Joann Zaloga
Jen Gaydos
  Dean's Office Mike Matthews
Crystal Maccari
Laura Mohr
Alaina Norvell
Nancy Bickings
  Biomedical Engineering Michele Schwander, Michelle Pergeorelis, Nancy England
  Center for Composite Materials Therese Stratton, Corinne Hamed
  Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Julie Argoe, Kristi Halberg, Megan Argoe
  Civil and Environmental Engineering Karen Greco, Christine Murray
  Computer and Information Sciences Greg Lynch, Krystal Hastings
  Electrical and Computer Engineering Cyndi McLaughlin, Elizabeth Maestro
  Materials Science Lisa Henriksen, Christine Williamson
  Mechanical Engineering Ann Connor, Amy Adams
Academic - CANS Dean's Office Nicole Buckley
Alison Yerger
Dee Smith
Chris Gallagher
  Africana Studies Tammy Poole
  Anthropology Sandy Wenner
  Art and Design Cindy Delaney
  Art Conservation Susan Behrens
Clara Simpers
  Art History Linda Magner
  Associate in Arts Program Chris Erickson
  Biden School Public Policy/Administration Nicole Quinn, Angela Speers, Sherri Martinez, Tracey Vanderloo, Rebecca Gross, Candace Jusino
  Biological Sciences Traci Parman, Patricia Dean
  Center for Global & Area Studies/Center for Study of Diversity Jeff Rybicki
  Chemistry and Biochemistry Eileen Burns
  Communication Susan Reeser
  Disaster Research Center Caroline Wellington
  English Kaylee Olney, Ann Marie Green, Jessica Venturi
  English Language Institute Dru Arban, Rebecca Usher
  Fashion and Apparel Studies Pat Brinley
  History Doug Tobias, Deborah Harnett, Diane Clark
  Languages Literatures Cultures Ariadne Lopez
  Linguistics and Cognitive Science Laura Edmanson
  Mathematical Sciences Jan Burns, Susan Dziombak
  Music Tamara Smith, Marguerite Mahoney
  Philosophy Deborah Biddle
  Physics and Astronomy Susan Morganstein, Angela Miller
  Political Science and International Relations Charlotte McDermitt
  Psychological and Brain Sciences Dawn Butler, Karen Jordan
  Sociology Lynette Lee
  Theatre Jacqueline Wilson
  Undergrad Academic Services Lynn Robinson, Laura Balogh
  Weinberg Center Gerri Melascaglia
  Winterthur Program Laura Schmidt
  Women and Gender Studies Deborah Arnold
Academic - LCBE All departments Maria Poole, Michelle Spradling
Academic - CEHD All departments Rachel Strickland
Susan Sullivan
  Dean's Office Nina Warren, Beth Maliner, Amanda Deaver

DE Academy School Leadership, DE Ctr for Teacher Education, Prof Dev Ctr for Educators Beth Maliner, Amanda Deaver

Ctr for Disabilities Studies
Amanda Deaver

Ctr for Research Education & Social Policy
Alissa Cope

Human Development & Family Science
Sarah Yarrusso, Alissa Cope, Heidi Beck, Sherry Boleslawski

School of Education
Brenda Radziewicz, Alissa Cope, Meredith Young-Severson

Early Learning Center, Lab Preschool, The College School
Jane Graci
Academic - CHS Dean's Office Sam Wilson
Sue Villermaux
Richard Wisk
Jessica Mitchell
Shelley Rust
Barb Vogt
  Behavioral Health and Nutrition Karen Murphy, Carrie Johns
  Kinesiology and Applied Physiology Stephanie Holmes, Nancy Wick
  Medical Laboratory Sciences Alyson Mann
  Employee Health & Wellbeing Nancy Koller
  Physical Therapy Bethany Adams, Gina Pusey, Kyle Connelly, Brie Rivera, Kaci Middlemas
  Director of Speech, Language Pathology Julie Campagna, Deandra Batts
  School of Nursing Mayra Ortiz, Kelly Stevenson
Delaware Biotechnology Institute - DBI DBI Adele Paoli, Tracy Walsh, Roula (Zaharo) Pappoulis
Institute for Global Studies - IGS IGS Malcom Mitchell
Joan Faull
Lisa Huber
NIIMBL NIIMBL Marta Rosario, Sunni Jones, Stacey Moyers

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